30 November 2010

Coming soon to this blog.

OK guys, I thought I would give you fair warning.

On the fifth of December, I will have been with Muzzer and Dad for FIVE YEARS!

And they have been wonderful, and fun, and marvelous. The years. The pawrents are a bit boring, ya know?

So muzzer asked what I wanted for my gotcha day. And I said "Peace on earth, a job for George, more time with Aunt Re, and Teka disappears."

So we decided that she could work on those things long term, but in the short term, I get a trip to Petsmart BY MYSELF, Without TEKA and for the first five days in December, for everydog or dog fambly that comments on my blog or on Facebook OR drops me a line at GUSDAGGERWFT at GMAIL dot com Muzzer will put one green paper in the pot, and at the end, we will send 1/2 to Fox Terrier Rescue and 1/2 to Petfinder.com. Peoples who want to make muzzer cry can do one of those every day for five days. I think that is it.

You can tell friends and families, and all of you are invited to my Gotcha Day Pawty at the Jefferson Hotel in Downtown Richmond on December 5th. But don't tell muzzer. I want the bill to be a sooprize!


24 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends

Me and Teka
are thankful
for Pawrents
(fur and otherwise)
and lots of other
things, like:
sleeping in the big bed
muzzer being a messy cook
dad having a big lap
lots and lots of walkies
our blog
our dog bed
our couches
our chairs
our table,
from whence falleth
many giftes.

We will be in Merry Land
tomorrow, so we are posting
this early, and wishing
the whole world a wonderful
day of ThanksGiving.

Gussie n Teka

20 November 2010

You call this NORMAL!

Boy oh boy...we spoke too soon!

We no sooner got the muzzer back from St. Loulis, but the Dad person left us here to take care of the muzzer person, saying that he had to go to a conference!

(that is the Dad person on the far right of the photo. He is the one in the striped shirt!)

Anyway, he went off to some place called Dart Mouth.
Me and Teka think that sounds rather uncomfortable, but hey..you can see that it does not look like too bad a place, huh?

But our routine, which me and Teka cherish, has been greatly altered.

Well, we still get up in the morning at Oh Dark Thirty (that's what muzzer says.) And go for walkies.

Usually we bound down the stairs, wait for the hoomans to get coats, boots, and stuff on, and then go out the side door, across the deck, and out the driveway. There, Dad picks me up, and muzzer picks up Teka, and we cross the invisible fence line.

Well...without the Dad here, we have to get in the car, open the gate, drive to the street, park the car, and only then can we take walkies! Now, I am a seven year old dog (and I will soon be eight!) and my bladder is not too happy about this. Teka is pissed too.

This goes on EVERY TIME either one of us wants to go walkies. About five times a day, at an estimate. And all because Muzzer cannot do like Dad does and pick up both up at one time to carry us across the fence line. Sheesh. We are putting her on a weight lifting program, but her arms may still be too short, ya think?

So, I won't do my doggie duty in the yard, because I don't like it, and muzzer can't carry us both at the same time, and neither of us can be left behind while the other one is walked, because we get frustrated and tear things up.

So, our last walkie of the day is ten o'clock. Pee Emmm...that is usually Dad's quality time with us, because of the fact that muzzer is almost always asleep at that time.

But last night, we did the "getinthecar,openthegate,back out the car,park on the streetandgoforwalkiesthing for the last time a little after ten peemmm.

And the muzzer, who is most famous for being a clutz, managed somehow to fall down on the sidewalk or trip on a leash or something and skinned her hands and her knees and taught me and teka about fourbilliontrillion new HBO words.

But she is doing OK, except for grumbling about dogs and stairs, so we will see if we can do our thing seven or eight more times without further incident and then pick Dad up at the airport (if she can find it again) and all will be "normal" again.

I am a little bit worried that Dad will blame me for not taking care of her, but hey....what's a doggie to do.


Sometimes I worry about them.


18 November 2010


This is a photo of Mary Munford

You might wonder what that has to do with Normalcy

Well, our muzzer is back from St. Loulis
And one of the things we did today
was to go for our usual walkies
at a school named after this lady.

It is a nice school in a nice neighborhood
People who are selling their homes will often
list them as "close to Mary Munford"

We like to walk there right around noon.
That way we get to see the kids when they
come out for recess! Sometimes they
bring leftovers. Parts of a sandwich or
some chips or pretzels. Apple cores (my most
favorite, next to cookies) You know...kid stuff.

And some of the kids just don't quite make that hook
Shot into the trash can! Can you imagine that?
Of course, me and Teka are on the alert, and we try to
sneak over and grab the treasure before muzzer sees it!

We are not successful very often. Muzzers are quite vigilant, ya know?

Anyway...the other reason we like this walkie is that
there are lots of trees, and we have found that in Virginia,
where there are lots of trees, then there are lots of sqrrrrrrls.

And today, the sqrrrrrls were out in force. They had been lulled
into a false sense of security because me and Teka had not been there
since muzzer left town last Friday. So those bold sqrrrllls were
having a confab on the grass. We broke that up quickly.

We have convinced muzzer that we must resume daily
walkies at Mary Munford School to protect the boys
and girls from the squrrrrllls!

14 November 2010

Update on the Moment in Time

Whew...just a brief post! We got Dad to help us light our candles, and we didn't even burn down the house. We called muzzer so she could be with us, and me and Dad were happy to hear her voice.

Then Teka did her howling act, and all the neighbors came out to join us!

It was wonderful.


11 November 2010

Worldwide Moment coming:

OK, this is easy.
We did this last year with good results!
Join us in a moment of togetherness.
Light a Candle, close your eyes
and think of all the love we have
to share with hoomans and furfriends.

Then open your eyes and pass it along
by barking, yipping, howling or just
giving your hoomans a kiss.

We'll be directing ours toward
Muzzer in St. Loulis, our friends who
need our prayers, and anyone or
any dog/cat/bird, etc. in need of our

Join us. Like we said, it is easy!

gussie and teka
in solidarity.

10 November 2010

My Sissie E.Rabbit Sent this article

From the London Telegraph!

Pedigree Chum it certainly isn't

A new restaurant has opened catering just for pampered pooches. Rose Prince and her cocker spaniel Billy review a real dog's dinner.

Billy and I entered the restaurant yesterday lunchtime, wet and dishevelled after walking across the park in the rain. The smell of slow cooked lamb hot pot hovers invitingly in the air. 'Yum,’ I think, hungrily. Billy, meanwhile, begins to salivate, panting quietly to himself.

Perhaps I should explain. Billy is my dog - a delightful Working Cocker. And we are attending the first restaurant designed just for dogs. Chef patron Henrietta Morrison of Lily’s Kitchen Dogs Diner, knows her clientele. As we enter, she gives Billy a thorough rubdown with a towel until his golden curls bounce back into shape and before Billy could even beg he was offered a complimentary free range beef tendon for being the diner’s first customer – a chewable grissini that he protectively clamps between his teeth. Billy is normally fed on my home-cooked leftovers. I wonder how he will cope with Morrison’s cooking.

Morrison was inspired by Lily, her laid back Border Terrier, and her natural pet-food company is two years old natural pet food company. Lily too is a greeter - and stands quietly near the entrance welcoming customers. She takes Billy’s traditional, un-gentlemanly dog greeting - a healthy sniff to her derriere - in her stride. She’ll have to get accustomed to this – for her diner is sure to be a hot ticket.

Read the rest of this story at: