20 November 2010

You call this NORMAL!

Boy oh boy...we spoke too soon!

We no sooner got the muzzer back from St. Loulis, but the Dad person left us here to take care of the muzzer person, saying that he had to go to a conference!

(that is the Dad person on the far right of the photo. He is the one in the striped shirt!)

Anyway, he went off to some place called Dart Mouth.
Me and Teka think that sounds rather uncomfortable, but hey..you can see that it does not look like too bad a place, huh?

But our routine, which me and Teka cherish, has been greatly altered.

Well, we still get up in the morning at Oh Dark Thirty (that's what muzzer says.) And go for walkies.

Usually we bound down the stairs, wait for the hoomans to get coats, boots, and stuff on, and then go out the side door, across the deck, and out the driveway. There, Dad picks me up, and muzzer picks up Teka, and we cross the invisible fence line.

Well...without the Dad here, we have to get in the car, open the gate, drive to the street, park the car, and only then can we take walkies! Now, I am a seven year old dog (and I will soon be eight!) and my bladder is not too happy about this. Teka is pissed too.

This goes on EVERY TIME either one of us wants to go walkies. About five times a day, at an estimate. And all because Muzzer cannot do like Dad does and pick up both up at one time to carry us across the fence line. Sheesh. We are putting her on a weight lifting program, but her arms may still be too short, ya think?

So, I won't do my doggie duty in the yard, because I don't like it, and muzzer can't carry us both at the same time, and neither of us can be left behind while the other one is walked, because we get frustrated and tear things up.

So, our last walkie of the day is ten o'clock. Pee Emmm...that is usually Dad's quality time with us, because of the fact that muzzer is almost always asleep at that time.

But last night, we did the "getinthecar,openthegate,back out the car,park on the streetandgoforwalkiesthing for the last time a little after ten peemmm.

And the muzzer, who is most famous for being a clutz, managed somehow to fall down on the sidewalk or trip on a leash or something and skinned her hands and her knees and taught me and teka about fourbilliontrillion new HBO words.

But she is doing OK, except for grumbling about dogs and stairs, so we will see if we can do our thing seven or eight more times without further incident and then pick Dad up at the airport (if she can find it again) and all will be "normal" again.

I am a little bit worried that Dad will blame me for not taking care of her, but hey....what's a doggie to do.


Sometimes I worry about them.



Asta said...

My poow Dawling Gussie
So much wesponsibility on youw handsome squawe shouldews..so not faiw! and poow muzzew..what a wootine! It's a wondew she has not gotten even wowsew huwt by now..i'm sending hew extwa sticky healing smoochies to pwotect hew booboos..the dad pawson bettew huwwy home and not abandon Muzzew to this fate again..(ow get a diffewent house)
smoochie kisses to you and Teka and Muzzew and the Pwofessow too

Dexter said...

I think you might be in trouble. I know that humans are clumsy, but they often blame their stumbling gaits on us.

That does sound kind of like an ordeal to go walkes. My idiot brother hates to do his business in the yard too. I think it is just a trick to get more walkies.

Hope mom is better and dad comes home from Dart Mouth soon.


Duke said...

Mitch is a wierdo about where he does his business too, Gussie, but I'll do it anywhere, anytime - I'm not the least bit fussy!
We hope muzzer isn't bruised up too badly!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

If woo chekhk my PB from my trip, I have an exit sign fur NORMAL...

Perhaps woo want to head there!

PeeEssWoo: It was in IL of khourse!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We are a little confused about the picking up to go over the fence line, but that's OK. We are sure hoping the muzzer is OK. Our mom took a bad tumble a month or so ago and had some really nasty scrapes and bruises all over her fight side from her knee up to her elbow, shoulder, AND the face. She was a mess. She was just glad she didn't break any bones.

Hope you all made it to the airport.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Bocci said...

Gussie, we sure hope your Muzzer is healing nicely. My Parental Unit is a super duper Klutz too, so don't be too embarrassed...:-)

Peppy Sheppys said...

Oh Gus. This sounds like quite a production for Muzzer. Be careful with her as you need her opposable thumbs at dinner time. Earlier this week "we" hurt our ma ape's shoulder while on walkies but we do believe that it was her fault as she was unable to move simultaneously in 4 directions at a fast enough pace.

Sheps w/Pep

Life With Dogs said...

I worry about them too, and I'm one of them!

Did you know that Dartmouth place is right down the road from us? :)

Anonymous said...

Whew! That is one ker-azy way to go on a walkie. I'm sorry muzzer fell down but, well, she kind brought it on herself, didn't she? Maybe for Christmas you oughta gets her a membership to a dog-lifting class!

I do not like it a bit when my dad goes away either cuz our routine gets ALL messed up. Dad "works" from home and so we have him at our beck and woof all day long. When he's outta town, we are abandoned and alone for HOURS at a time. It is most tragic.

Wiggles & wAgs,

Eric said...

Ooo heck. Thank dog Muzzer is wise enough to not let you cross the invisible fence line Gussie. I know its a fierce force field put in place by them pesky wheelies. Yep! They want to shock you into submission to do their bidding. Please pals on no account cross it.
Muzzer must eat more spinach like Popeye tobuild up her mus cles.

Tell Muzzer she is our hero for helping. Paws crossed she is feline better soon.

Wiry love Eric xxx

Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

OUCH....Mumsie has done that sidewalk trip thing waaaaaaay too many times...they fall like a stone, don't they? And it gets really uglee if they rip a hole in their favorite jeans...

Wonder what the neighbors say when they see Muzzer coming and going so often...

Poor Muzzer...we think you need some kinda wheelbarrow on stilts...or a GIANT WHEELIE FRAME that she could just push ya out that's higher than the fence...

I'll think on that...



Pee ess...did Muzzer pull every muscle in her neck, arms and back too? Mumsie sends her sympathies...