31 May 2006

Well, they've gone and done it. They piled so much "stuff" into this Japanese Sedan that they reduced the terrier space to NOTHING! Can you see my tiny terrier head in this photo? I'm the white fuzzy spot under the basket and next to the dirty laundry. Sheesh. And they wonder why I want to scamper and run around at the rest stops.

Anyway, after all the talk about packing light and not taking anything back to Arizona that was not absolutely necessary, this is what we ended up with in the car. I ask you...Did muzzer have to hold the dirty laundry on her lap? NOOO.....Did Dad have to sit on his briefcases????NOOOO. Did their big water bowl have to get left behind? NOOOO. This terrier is about to have a tantrum. At least I got a bite of steak and shake original single burger for dinner tonight. They will pay for this in the long run......

your friend

24 May 2006

Stop the Moving!

I have figured out how to stop this packing nonsense! This morning I made a nest out of thing muzzer was sorting for the boxes. That is her favorite sweater hidden under the pillow, and I am not moving until she quits filling those boxes. And they call ME a silly dog!

Gus' mom says: "He is going to see Gail this morning and have a bath and brush. We'll see how long this nest thing lasts.

22 May 2006

Welcome New Friends and Neighbors

I just heard that muzzer sent an e-mail to my friends in Lexington, Va and my soon-to-be friends in Arizona and elsewhere about my blog. Welcome to the world of Gus Dagger w.f.t.!

I am a very friendly fellow, and hope you will enjoy my pictures and postings. My sister Emily taught me how to blog, and I have been doing it regularly ever since. Most of my postings are done while muzzer is in the shower, or at her yoga class. Recently though, I have been able to spend more time on the computer without getting caught because muzzer always has her head in a moving box! Anyway, according to the calendar on the wall, we are at D-Day minus 9, and counting.

We are on box number 7 for shipping. We are 2.5 days from when Emily arrives to pick up the things she is taking to Washington D.C., and we are about 300 days from my next birthday! Too soon to start my wish list, huh?

Anyway, it is getting close to time for walkies, and I have to go nudge muzzer.

More Later
your friend
She'd better not pack my tug in that box!

20 May 2006

Lazy Saturday

We cleaned the carpets this morning and the floor is still damp, so me and Dad are watching the Yankees and the Mets on TV. I am glad he is here, because the carpet is still a bit damp, and this way, it isn't my butt that's getting wet!

All this and he gives great butt rubs.


My beloved sister has checked into the Bark Ball! I am sorry I was hyper-critical and said mean things. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend, since we are leaving for Arizona (wherever in hell that is!) before the date of the ball, and my muzzer will not fly me back for the occasion. I should have saved my allowance, but I keep spending it all at PetSmart in Charlottesville!

18 May 2006

Unfair to terriers

I just read on Louis the Pug's blog that he is going to the Bark Ball in DC! He gets to wear a tie and everything, and I'll bet there are lots of great treats there. My sister in DC says she doesn't think that it is my "kind of ball!" Can you believe that???

I ask you, am I not a handsome terrier? Am I not stunning in my beads from Mardi Gras? Would I not look fantastic in a black bow tie? Do I not deserve a little social life????? How am I to practice good doggie manners when no one takes me anywhere?

Is this not unfair to terriers??

16 May 2006

My new niece?

Muzzer had an e-mail from my sister Elizabeth this morning. It seems she has acquired a puppy. This is her picture, and her name is Tika. She is a 4 month old Jack Russell. I think this makes her my niece! She sure looks cute, and I am even more anxious to set out for Arizona now that I know she is waiting for me!

I can teach her lots of stuff! Today I learned how to open zip lock bags. Treats are a fabulous motivation, and muzzer did leave the door to the dog cabinet open! Hey...opportunity knocks and rocks, right?

However, right now I am not feeling so well, so I am keeping this short. Who would've thought a few extra treats would upset a guy's stomach like this? Ohhhhhhh

09 May 2006

Quiet Time

After all the excitement last week (and a lot of good food) things have been very quiet around here. The washing machine is humming again, and the boxes are piling up in the hall. Muzzer says they are "shipping boxes" to carry stuff back to Arizona. Several of them are terrier sized! You don't think she is going to put me in a box do you? I am such a good dog in the car, and I am very good at keeping the squirrels away. I think I will insist on my right to room service! I will certainly keep you posted on this most important matter.

Tonight after dinner (Mole' again) we walked over to the athletic fields to see how I would behave off lead. What's the big deal here? Are they getting tired of holding on to my leash? Sometimes these adults do not make any sense at all. I fixed them. They took off my leash, and I sat down. They tried to get me to play kickball with them. How many of you have ever watched a 60 year old woman try to play kickball. I watched them kick the ball back and forth for a while, then I tackled muzzer. She really looked more comfortable on the ground than running after my silly green ball. That was obviously not the thing to do. We left quickly for home, with muzzer grumbling all the way. The highlight of the evening, other than my successful tackle on the ground fault line, was running into a Siamese cat on the way home. Now that is an event I would LIKE to be off lead for. Lemme at it dad, come on, just one chance and I'll make it history. But noooo-ooo. Seems muzzer has a soft spot for pussy cats, and dad indulges her. Boy, they have a lot to learn.

Boring trip home after the cat sighting. No squirrels. No Bernese Mountain Dogs. No ice cream cone. Yawnnn. Think I'll hit the sack early tonight.

Til later friends

04 May 2006

I visit Thomas Jefferson

Here I am in the back seat with my new friend Susana! My other new friend Albert is driving the car. We are on our way to see Monticello, which was the home of Thomas Jefferson, one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence and also a President of the United States of America. Dogs cannot actually go inside his home, but we are allowed on the grounds as long as we are on a lead. I thought this might be boring, you know....history and all that. But I did not have to sit through any of the tours, I just stayed under the trees with Dad and let all the children and old folks pet me. We stopped in Charlottesville for a (very) lat lunch, then came home where Albert cooked a delicious chicken dish called mole', which we ate with flour tortillas and refried beans. Lest you report my muzzer to the ASPCA, I only got a sliver of chicken, no beans and no bourbon fudge for desert. Someone has been poisoning her mind against me! My people food ration has been drastically reduced! And I am forced to return to the kibble bowl.

Albert and Susana are very good friends. They are sleeping in MY bed. So last night, I snuck into their room and joined them. Were they surprised this morning. Now they say they will be more careful with the door latch. HehHehHeh. They do not yet know that I can work the latch on the outside, and they will have to engage the lock to keep me out. This is a trick I have developed recently due to the fact that muzzer and Dad are ALWAYS closing those doors so that I cannot see out the front windows and bark and bark and bark at the stupid golden retriever who works at the antique shop across the way. They will find out quickly. HehHehHeh! More adventures later.
Your friend Gus.

02 May 2006


We have company coming. Usually that is something to be happy about. But muzzer is letting this company use MY BED! I ask you: Is that fair? Is that just? Is that any way to treat a terrier? Join my crusade and tell my muzzer that she cannot just loan out my bed! Where will I sleep? Where will Dad sleep? How will we know where we are in the morning when we get up?
Does anyone know if there is a displaced terriers club anywhere? And do they have room service?