09 May 2006

Quiet Time

After all the excitement last week (and a lot of good food) things have been very quiet around here. The washing machine is humming again, and the boxes are piling up in the hall. Muzzer says they are "shipping boxes" to carry stuff back to Arizona. Several of them are terrier sized! You don't think she is going to put me in a box do you? I am such a good dog in the car, and I am very good at keeping the squirrels away. I think I will insist on my right to room service! I will certainly keep you posted on this most important matter.

Tonight after dinner (Mole' again) we walked over to the athletic fields to see how I would behave off lead. What's the big deal here? Are they getting tired of holding on to my leash? Sometimes these adults do not make any sense at all. I fixed them. They took off my leash, and I sat down. They tried to get me to play kickball with them. How many of you have ever watched a 60 year old woman try to play kickball. I watched them kick the ball back and forth for a while, then I tackled muzzer. She really looked more comfortable on the ground than running after my silly green ball. That was obviously not the thing to do. We left quickly for home, with muzzer grumbling all the way. The highlight of the evening, other than my successful tackle on the ground fault line, was running into a Siamese cat on the way home. Now that is an event I would LIKE to be off lead for. Lemme at it dad, come on, just one chance and I'll make it history. But noooo-ooo. Seems muzzer has a soft spot for pussy cats, and dad indulges her. Boy, they have a lot to learn.

Boring trip home after the cat sighting. No squirrels. No Bernese Mountain Dogs. No ice cream cone. Yawnnn. Think I'll hit the sack early tonight.

Til later friends

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