31 January 2012

Y'all know this sucks big time, right?

I have only just taken control of this blog.
This is my second post.
And here I am saying goodbye to another pal.

The lovely golden gentleman above is Homer.
He was one of the pack at the Bumpass Hounds,
but yesterday his mom and dad helped
him make the journey to the bridge.

He was ready to go, and with the help of
his humans and the staff at his Vet's
office, he made the journey peacefully
and surrounded by love. If you have
a moment, leave them a note, OK?

He joins Miss Maggie in the crop of "new kids"
and we will surely miss both of them.

Our love and terrier nose bops to their

Teka Toy (I can't make the link work. If you
want to leave a note for the Bumpass Bunch,
go to www.bumpasshounds.blogspot.com)

(I guess I understand why Muzzer is so
bummed when this happens. Next time
I hope to have better news.)

29 January 2012

Rest in Peace sweet Maggie.

Teka here with some truly bad tidings.

Sweet Miss Maggie crossed the Bridge yesterday.

She leaves behind her brother Mitch, her human
Mom and Dad, and a legion of Blogville fans.

Miss Maggie was an inspiration to all "sister" dogs.

She taught Mitch all he knows, kept him in line and
made his life a bit spicier and a bit sweeter.

Thanks to Mitch and her humans for sharing her light
with us -

Teka Toy Dagger

22 January 2012

Teka Takes Over

I am getting quite tired of the help around here.
Or lack thereof.
Therefore, I have decided to post so that all MY
friends know that I am OK.

Come turn this thing ON!

20 January 2012

Teka is a Knee-dy dog

My Sissie E.Beth is visiting.
So for a few days, we might have some
pictures that are centered and in focus.

This is where Teka likes to spend as much time
as possible. In the dining room on Dad's knee.

They do the crossword puzzles that way
every morning. I wonder just how
much help she really is?


07 January 2012

Pest Side Story


I have been a pretty morose doggie lately.

You know, my sweetie Miss Asta is moving to Pest

With her Mommi and Daddi. And while I know that

my friends will help me get across the Pee, it just won't be the same.

So, as a WFT who was pretty much raised on American Musicals,

I have created a new masterpiece!

Based on the Classic West Side Story,

I present the story of star crossed lovers Asta and Gussie, who

mix and mingle with the Pets and the Barks, supported by their cast of

blogging friends.

Act I

1. "Overture" – Orchestra

2. "Prologue" – Orchestra

3. Pet Song" – Buster, Pets

4. "Something's Coming" - Gussie

5. "Dance at the Gym" – Orchestra

6. Sweet Asta– Gussie

7. "I like to Pee in America" – Gussie, Duffy, Scruffy, Jakie, Pets

8. "Tonight" – Gussie and Asta

9. "Gee, Officer Krupke" – Archie and the Pets

Act II

1. "I Feel Pretty" – Asta, Lacie, Agatha , Fergie Koobie, Khyra Lolaancisca

2. "One Paw, One Heart" – Gussie and Asta

3. "Quintet" – Asta, Fergie, Buster, Jake and JH, Pets, Barks

4. "The Rumble" – Orchestra

5. "Somewhere" – Asta, Gussie

6. "Cool" – Pets

7. "A Dog Like That/I Love Him" –Asta and Aggie

8. "Somewhere (Reprise)" – Asta

"Finale" – Orchestra

02 January 2012

For Winston, Webster and Willoughby's dad:

Yesterday when we were on one of our walkies, this lovely blue grey car pulled up to the curb, and a man got out and said "more Fox Terrier people, how wonderful."

While the humans never got his name, he did smell wonderful and familiar, and he told me how handsome I was and made lots of friendly noises. He also gave good scritches.

We got to talking about training. And we promised to put our trainer Valerie's contact information here for him.

Muzzer and dad say we are a lot better since she began working with us (and them) and we do appreciate her efforts on our behalf.

Here is what she has accomplished in just about 90 days:

  • The magic work is AAAAACKKKK
  • Teka and I SIT
  • Teka and I STAY
  • Teka and I respond to "let's go" with a good strong heel.
  • Teka and I SIT when our leashes come out.
  • Teka and I will walk by dogs fenced in yards and behind doors and mostly ignore them. Muzzer and dad have learned to "talk" us through the challenge of not responding and it is effective about 85% of the time.
  • The other 15%, the humans will put us in a strong heel by turning 180 degrees and walking away from the challenge, then they put us back through it until we hold our heel. And no, no other dog has jumped the fence to get at us while we do this, though there is a Pomeranian a block away who is considering that as an option.
  • Teka and I each have a PLACE where we go when directed to do that, like when people come to the door.
  • Teka and I have learned to love Turkey hot dog bits. This was not hard.
On the other hand, we still do not respond well to other dogs, particularly those who are off lead and come running toward us. But we will be working on it in the future.

So, if you click here, or on the "here" up above, you can go read about her and find a few of her secrets. And a big Thank you from the humans for a successful training program.

gussie n teka


is still not 5:30

01 January 2012

News Flash

To Blogging Pals Everywhere
And all the ships at sea.

Teka slept in this morning until
7:00 a.m.

Thereby giving the humans a
wonderful Holiday Pressie.

Way to go little snot.