18 May 2006

Unfair to terriers

I just read on Louis the Pug's blog that he is going to the Bark Ball in DC! He gets to wear a tie and everything, and I'll bet there are lots of great treats there. My sister in DC says she doesn't think that it is my "kind of ball!" Can you believe that???

I ask you, am I not a handsome terrier? Am I not stunning in my beads from Mardi Gras? Would I not look fantastic in a black bow tie? Do I not deserve a little social life????? How am I to practice good doggie manners when no one takes me anywhere?

Is this not unfair to terriers??


Anonymous said...

Gus, the Bark Ball is on June 17. You will be on your way back to Arizona. Maybe mom will take you to an event there.

Gus said...

I'm sorry if I am being unreasonable, maybe I will ask muzzer to fly me back to d.c.?