25 November 2006

Gus and Teka's Marvelous Adventure

Tonight, muzzer was very tired when she came home from the store. Probably because I was not there today to help out, don't you think?

Anyway...she talked Dad into calling out for pizza, but they only had mushrooms and yucky stuff on it, no sausage like G-papaw gets. Oh, and muzzer had anchovies on the side, but she would not share! After dinner, she helped answer my pee-mail, and then announced that she had a headache and was taking a bath.

Muzzer and Dad have this BIG room right next to the room with the big bed, they call it the "bath room" although they take mostly showers in there. I've had showers with muzzer sometimes and E.beth comes over and gives Teka showers. I guess they are better than getting groomed, because there isn't so much brushing at the end, and no one plays with my toenails. yeesh.

But tonight I got worried about muzzer, because she did look tired. And so when she had been in the "tub" for just a couple minutes, I went to check on her. We had a nice chat while the tub filled, and then she pushed a button, and the noise started. Only, this time I didn't run away. I stayed and watched while the white stuff got bigger and bigger, and muzzer leaned back and closed her eyes, and I got very worried about her. So I growled and growled at the noise and finally it stopped. Hah!

Muzzer still did not get up. I thought I had better check on her! So I got up on the ledge and stuck my nose against her nose to make sure she was OK. The white stuff got on my nose and made me sneeze. I got angry at it and barked at it. Then I explored the ledge, and found the rubber ducky muzzer has to play with in the tub. So I picked it up and dropped it on her lap. Well, I dropped it where her lap might have been. And she screeched at me! And that startled me. So I leaned in even farther to make sure she was OK.

She said "Gussie, you must be careful. You are going to fall into the tub, and I don't think you will like it." And variations on that theme while I snuffled and sniffed.

I'm no sissy. I knew it was up to me to save my muzzer. So I got in with her.

And she screeched again. And she yelled "D-D-D-D, help me!" And Dad come running, with Teka and Travis following close behind. And he laughed and laughed. So she said "Are there any other dogs that want to try out this Jacuzzi tonight, since I have to clean it out anyway?"

Then muzzer got out of the tub and started to dry off. Dad was still laughing. But Teka was not laughing. Teka was on the ledge. Exploring. Then she took muzzer up on the invitation to join me in the tub. She is littler than I, and she got the white stuff in her nose immediately! Dad was laughing even harder. Muzzer snapped a few pictures, and then she said to Dad
"Will you please get them out of here so I can clean this bathroom"

And Dad picked Teka up in one big hand and lifted her out of the tub.

And then he helped me get out, and we got dried off a bit, and played chase.

And muzzer started a load of wash with our doggy towels and a few other things that got wet, and then she cleaned the tub.

Now she says she still has a headache, and she is going to bed.

I think I will join her.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of our marvelous adventure.

What a great weekend!

Love Gussie


E. Rabbit said...

It was good of you to try and save muzzer, Gus, but it looks as though you ultimately started more problems than you solved.

Anonymous said...

Poor Travis didn't get to have any fun! I get in trouble cuz I eat the bubbles. They just taste so good!

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

Pretty hilarious. There are two things that Pappy will run away from, and one of them is a tub being filled. I doubt I could get him anywhere near me while I was in the bath.

Joe Stains said...

that thing looks big enough to turn you guys into dog soup, I'd stay away!!