01 November 2006

Halloween - the day after

We had a pretty busy evening yesterday watching the trick-r-treaters come and go. Muzzer sat outside by the front door and passed out candy. Teka and Travis and I barked and barked. Based on the number of candy bars left over this morning, muzzer thinks we had about 40 visitors. Teka and Travis and I barked and average of ten times per visitor, which means there were at least 1200 barks, just at our house! Of course, every other neighborhood canine barked just as much, so it was a pretty impressive symphony from 6-9 pm last night.

Teka had so much fun, she was still watching out the front window this morning, to see if there were going to be more visitors. Silly Teka.

But....the best part of Halloween (besides tricking Muzzer out of making us wear costumes) was the walk this morning. Do you guys know how many kids eat some or all of their candy before they get home? Neither do I, but based on the limited sampling we took on our walk this morning, LOTS of kids eat while out on Halloween night, and MOST of them drop the wrappers on the ground.

We took our regular route this morning, but it took a bit longer. We must've sniffed 100 candy wrappers, and we didn't get to all of them. There were KitKat wrappers, Rolo wrappers, Milky Way wrappers, Snickers wrappers and Heath Bar wrappers. And that was just in our front yard. Quite a few of them not only smelled delicious, but had enough crumbs left that they tasted good. At one point, Teka decided she was going to bring some of this good stuff home with her. She looked pretty funny trotting along behind Travis with a bunch of candy wrappers sticking out of her mouth! Wish Muzzer would take the camera on walkies like I've suggested. We'd have some pretty great photos to post. Dad and muzzer wouldn't let any of us eat the wrappers or even many of the crumbs. But they did think Teka was pretty funny - even if they wouldn't let her bring them into the house.

Muzzer and I have got to get ready to go to work, so we will check back later this evening. Happy post-Halloween hunting to all of you



Anonymous said...

Teka actually looks real cute in that pic! Yum, candy wrappers!

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Bussie Kissies

Wired for Mackie said...

Gussie- You had way more treaters than I did! I had just a few kids to see. Sheez! I really missed them this year and mom says I can't eat the leftover candy. Where's the justice?

Your pal, Mackie