05 November 2006

Greetings! Teka here! I have, like, captured Gussie's blog to deliver a MOST important message. Like, you know, Gussie is sort of a "Good Boy." And, he, um like, probably wouldn't want to tell you about this.

You know, Like, this morning we went for our usual walkies. BOR-RING. Like, how many butts do you want to sniff at five ay-yem? Yup, like, that's my thought too.

But, like, this morning I had a real ADVENTURE! You know, we were, like walking along with Travis (studly) in the lead as always. (You gotta let them think they are the alpha dogs, right dolls?)

And, like, anyway, like he walked right by this real TREASURE just lying on the ground! And I thought, like, "well, duh-uh!" I mean, like, what kind of mighty hunter walks right by prey ? Got an answer for that one, huh?

So I like, stretched my little pink lead ALL the way. And , sort of, you know, like stretched my terrier neck too? And I grabbed that DEAD BIRD right off the lawn! And I went right up to Travis and stuffed it under his big, black, shiny nose. And like, of course, he makes a big lunge for me to try to take it away.

And all the time, "Good Boy Gussie" is in his too cute little down sit looking like a poster child for obedience training. And my Grandma (she hates it when I call her that...tehehehehehe!) is like saying things like "EEEUW" and "drop that Teka" (yeah, right lady) and "oooh Rich, make them stop chewing on it."

So the big fella, who obviously knows who bakes the bread around here, pulls poor Travis off the bird and uses BRUTE FORCE to pull it from my little tiny terrier jaws!

Does Gussie make a move? NOOOOO! The fuzzy little fellow actually had the nerve to yawn as I watched my trophy bird put into a garbage can!

I ask you, is that the way a gentleman is supposed to act? Like, at least Travis, bless his big black head, at least he growled!

Boy, if I had my brains and guts and his size I would, like, you know, be the female ruler of the world!

Anyway, I thought like, I really, really should tell you about this, since you all probably think Gussie is cute and all that stuff. What he really is .... you know, like those Stief dogs that just sit there, and like, don't do anything? Well, like that is Gussie, except someone got him a battery!

I'm asking you, what's a girl to do?

Like, Ciao all, gotta run.

ohmy, like, this blogging stuff is great fun, but I need to find those, like, hearts and stars and stuff on the keyboard, or else, like, how is a girl to emote?


Anonymous said...

Hiya Teka,
Nice to see you blogging for once. Well I Snickers can tell you that Gussie was probably being a gentleman cause he sent his resume to Butchy to see if he can be one of my boyfriends! A ladies man always lets the girl get the dead vermin first, hehehe. Too bad they took it away from you, bummer.
Wirey Hugs!
Snickers & Butchy

Anonymous said...

Wimmin, always complaining! You are cute tho....

Bussie Kissies

Anonymous said...

We're pooped - up til abt 2 am then up again abt 5:30.

JD Windbag - down & OUT - good work guys!
Clay Shaw - down & OUT
Mark Foley(Joe Negron) - down & OUT

Senate in suspension - both showing leads the RIGHT way(left)

Bussie Kissies