08 November 2006

I'm just wild about Harry!

Hey! That guy who is a friend of my muzzer and Dad has actually won the race for the congressional district we live in! That means all of us wirey friends have a new pal in the Congress!

Here is his picture. I ask you....is that not a face that could love a wire?

We have had a very busy week, what with Teka blognapping, elections, G-papaw heading for the emergency room on Monday, and our usual activities. Muzzer and I are relieved to head for the store this morning to get some peace and quiet.

We hope that all our active wirey friends had a good experience with this campaign. Our state has come a long way in this election, with at least a couple of surprises in the way the voting went on the propositions also.

I, Gussie, think that WFTs are an asset to any political campaign. After all, who can resist us? So, choose your candidates carefully, and don't be swayed by political handouts. Together, we can make it happen! (whatever "it" is) and for today, you can join me in a chorus of that old favorite:

I'm just wild about Harry
And Harry's wild about me
His friendly face and solid background
Fill me with wirey glee.

His grin's as good as dog candy

His handshake's firm and friendleee.

Oh, I'm just wild about Harry, and Harry's wild about, cannot live without, He's just wild about me..



Joe Stains said...

Gus! Your friend Buster the Wired Fox Terrier told me about your blog and told me that you live in AZ too! So I thought I would pop over and read your blog.

Have a good day in sunny AZ. Mom is going to add you to my links so I remember to read your blog all the time!

Anonymous said...

I'm humming along!

Bussie Kissies