08 February 2008

Getting Ready for Next Weekend

I have been very busy this week catching up on my sleep. After partying virtually non-stop (hehehe...partying virtually...get it?) from Thursday til Sunday, I needed to catch up on my beauty sleep. Fortunately we were a pretty neat bunch of doggies, so muzzer did not have a whole lot of cleaning up after the pawty. I did help, but when I fell asleep between the kitchen and the trash can, she let me go to be and take a nap. That was a two and a half day nap. But, I am well rested and looking forward to the coming wedding, when we will be heading to Koobie's pawty and to the wedding of Husky Boy and Baby Yea.

And then I realized! Koobie's pawty is in the Poconos! At a ski resort! And I haven't skied since we lived in Virginia. O my. I need to get some practice so I can impress Miss Snickers.

So, I concealed myself and my laptop in E.Beth's little car, and I am spending my weekend in Northern Azrizona, brushing up on my skills.

Lots of people think Azrizona is all desert. That is not true. Northern Azrizona, up near Flagstaff and the Four Corners area (Azrizona, Colorado, Utalk and New Mexico come together there!) can be quite cold. Not Iowa cold, but cold enough for those who dwell in the desert. And this year they are having a great year for snowfall, with a solid base and lots of powder. Now, when we were in Va, and a long, long time ago when the hoomans lived in Minny Soda, the only ski-ing they did was cross country. So that is what I know how to do, and that is the equipment I have. This weekend I am practicing around Lake Mary and staying at a nice little lodge near there. I got a new set of bindings for my skis and a pretty nice sweater, and all my old skills are coming back to me.

Do you think Miss Snickers will be impressed?



Joe Stains said...

You are in Flag and I am *somewhere* have a great trip, don't freeze!!

Molly the Airedale said...

I had no idea they had snow in AZ! Thanks for telling us, Gussie!
Miss Snickers will be VERY impressed with all of the practicing you've been doing just for her!

wally said...

One of my apes is in the Poking Nose this weekend! We are bracing for broken legs.


ps. I would be happy to help with E.Beth's disshurtstation. I specialize in obfuscation and equivocation.

wally said...

Gus! My apologies. For that I will write on E.Rabbit's Disturbation help E.Beth with her Bad Attitude (that's what B.A. means, right?)? Will pontificate for hot dogs!


Harry said...

You're braver than me trying skiing Gus! I'm going to stay off piste!

Toodle pip
Harry x

Faya said...

Waouw you can skiing !!! Great.. I leave in a country full of montains and snow and all I can do is "digging in the snow".... I wish you a nice week-end with your friends..
Kisses, Faya

Agatha and Archie said...

We are sure you will impress her no matter what you do( but you will look grand doing cross country) Archie is bringing along alot of books to read in the lodge while he sips some hot chocolate.He thinks he should rest until he sees the BONE CRUSHER,I mean Chiropracter Love A+A

Peanut said...

Oh my I have never been skiing oh well I will just hang out at the lodge hopefully with Penny. :)

Koobuss said...

it's a good thing that you went to practice, Gus. Now you will be all ready. There is cross country skiing available along with downhill and lots of other stuff. it will be a blast. Can't wait.

Love and Koobuss Kisses,

Mack said...

I have never, ever skied before. I hope I don't embarrass myself at the party! I can't dance too good either!!

Asta said...

Snickews is such a lucky giwl that you pwactice so she will be impwessed..I'm suwe she will be!!
I can hawdly wait fow the pawty..
I love the pipe smoking tewwiew..Mommi once had a ski instwuctow in Cortina who was gowgeous, and 73yws old, and skied like a dweam,and stood on top of the mountain, smoking a cigawette in a holew while waiting fow the class..then they all had a fgwappa with fwesh mirtillo befowe hitting the slope..Mommi skied bettew than any othew time in hew life, hehehe
smoochie kisses( I wish I wewe Snickers)

Anonymous said...

How cool! I used to live in Arizona and skied in Flagstaff when I was younger... I miss the arizona sun and warmth... its COLD and Snowing right now.