31 August 2011

Eartha's Artistic Endeavours

Hey there, dogs and peoples. It is me again, Eartha Kitteh.

This lady E. Rabbit thought you might be missing those dogs Gus and Teka while they are still not having power in Richmond. So she said I could share with you some of the pictures she took of them the last time she visited.

She does not want you dogs to get Gus and Teka withdrawal, you see.

So here is that other dog, Teka.

She is in that guy Dad's office. She knows that this office is where that guy Dad thinks all of his important thoughts, so she is trying to have important thoughts of her own while she's there.

She is somewhat limited in her capacity to do this, if you ask me.

And here is that dog who is my uncle, Gus.
He is saying "Pbbbbblllllt to you, Dominion Power. Give me my lights and internet back!"

And here am I, Eartha Kitteh.
I am sitting in this lady E. Rabbit's underwear drawer. I know you are not having withdrawal from me, but I thought you would like to see this picture anyway, since I am very good looking.


Gus said...

Indeed Miss Kitteh, you are a lovely cat. Do not steal any underwear, you do not need it.

the muzzer

Fred said...

I'm sorry Gus and Teka still don't have power, but I'm totally enjoying your guest posts!

Eric said...

Earth Kittie. Thanks for the update on Gussie/Teka/Muzzer/Dad. Phew.Wagging they are all okey dokey. I'm sending gen instead of zen to get the power back on.

Smashing photo's too. Yeah even the one of you! Sort of pretty. For a kittie....

Send my best wiry love to everydoggie and you Miss Eartha
Eric xxx

Dexter said...

Thanks for the post. We were kind of going through withdrawal from no Gus and Teka.