22 February 2007

This and That, miscellany for the open minded.

I'm really just tying up loose ends and answering questions "from the peanut gallery" as Buffalo Bob * used to say:

First to my friend Boo, Happy Birthday to you, Boo! Because of the international date line, I am either early or late. I know I am not on time, because that would mean muzzer is on the ball, and we all know how likely that is to be true.

And, to Wally the corgador, who is celebrating his burpday today (and has been celebrating for almost a week now.) Wally, you are right about dogs getting meat. Our meals haven't changed a bit, except there is no meat in the leftover scraps. However, we have scored a couple of whole grain pancakes and about a third of muzzer's omelet, so it ain't all bad. Hope your birthday was a happy one, and that you can work in some nice naps to recover. Thank you for consulting on this theological question!

and finally: I was reading the post that my friend Joe Stains' brother Doofus (Tanner) made when he hijacked Joe's blog. And I was wondering what would happen if we locked Doofus and Teka in a dark room together for a while. Are they bright enough to breed? If they breed, would the result be a Tenner, a Tanka, a Tekner or a Toofus? Now, having opened that horrifying chain of thought must mean that none of you will be sleeping tonight either! Don't worry, Joe and I will be doing our best to keep them apart.

(this is where muzzer would insert a morphed picture of the two nuisance factors. If she could figure out how to morph. Help, E.Rabbit!)

* If you remember Howdy Doody, Buffalo Bill, Clarabell the clown and Princess Summer-Fall-Winter-Spring, you are too old to be blogging!


Fu Fu said...

Hey Gus, What a funny idea to lock Doofus and Teka in a dark room together. I wonder what would happen.. hee

~ fufu

Wired for Mackie said...

A Toofus!heheheh! Hey, dio you know our friend Buddy Wiser the WFT? He has a sister (not by blood) who is a WFT and Boston Terrier mix and she is a cutie!

Happy Weekend Gussie!

Charlie Kelley-Church said...

My mom says she remembers Buffalo Bob (she is from the Buffalo area), Howdy Doody and Clarabell the clown and she is NOT too old to blog.


wally said...

pssttt--thanks for the burpday greetings! i've been slooooow thanking you because i've been basking in my prezzies. i'm glad to hear that your family is appropriately observing lent. you should definitely try to convince them that giving you half their dinner would be even more appropriate.

saint wally.