26 March 2006

Family Time

My sister came to visit this weekend. That's her with me in the first picture on my blog. She made my sweater for me as a Christmas present. Even though I am adopted, we have a lot of things in common. She has brown eyes. I have brown eyes. I have an engaging personality. She has an engaging personality. She gets sick in the car sometimes, and so do I. And we both hate squirrels! Those things make me feel like a real member of this family.

My muzzer and father say that I have another sister in Arizona, but I haven't met her yet. Arizona is a long, long, long way from Virginia. Much longer than my trip from Maryland to Virginia, which is the longest car trip I've ever taken.

I am getting very excited also about my next trip at the end of this week. We are leaving on Friday to go visit some friends who live in Asheville, NC. Then we will go to Nashville, home of Dollyland where muzzer and I will shop while my other human does some work at Vanderbilt. Then we will go to St. Louis! I think this will be my favorite part of the trip! I am going to meet my Aunt Marie and Uncle Ray, and visit some place called "Steak 'n Shake." I bet Aunt Marie and Uncle Ray will just LOVE me. I am learning a new trick called "shake hands" just for them. I will be writing about my adventures right here. In fact, this is why muzzer let me have this blog.

I must go and supervise the preparations for dinner. We have lots of friends coming over and muzzer is making Italian food! It surely smells good. Parties are fun because some people sneak me samples or drop a little piece of food. I am right there to help keep the floor picked up! Terriers are very quick you know. I do a very good job. Sometimes my humans don't appreciate it when people sneak me samples, but I try to make up for it by not throwing up in bed.

Gotta Go:
Somebody has to make sure the sauce is OK, and I am volunteering!

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