30 March 2006

Things are looking Good!

OOH! The suitcases came out of the closet a little while ago, and I know which one has my treats in it! Muzzer has put it on top of the refrigerator because I will not leave it alone. We have two more walks today, and one early in the morning, and then we can get in the car and leave. Dinner, one snack and breakfast. Those are my ways of telling time. So it really isn't very long now.

mmmmm...maybe if I don't let them get any sleep tonight we will leave earlier in the morning. Gotta think that one through.

I feel so lucky to be going along on this trip. My blogfriend Axel has to stay at home while his human mother goes on a trip for work, and he is one VERY unhappy terrier. Terriers have a hard time with separation anxiety anyway, and Axel is a very young terrier (but very talented.) I am going to link my blog to Axel's soon, if I can make any sense of what my sister told me to do in her e-mail this morning.

I must leave you now and help my very short muzzer hem a pair of slacks. My next posting will be from "on the road, again." with apologies to that Willie Nelson fellow.

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