31 March 2006

Are we there yet?

Such a silly terrier. We haven't left yet. I don't know what is taking these humans so long to get ready. Showers, breakfast, morning paper, errands! None of those are essential except perhaps breakfast, which I would gladly eat in the car.

I got very anxious last night. I was afraid all the activity meant that they were leaving me behind! I slept right on top of muzzer to make sure she didn't sneak out of bed and leave without me. It was pretty comfy, she is pretty well padded. I don't understand why she got up so early this morning. I could've slept for another couple of hours.

I'm going to take a brief nap on my favorite pillows, then get up and herd them out of here.

Wish me luck. I understand the people we are visiting tonight have a CAT! How nice of them to provide snacks!

More later, depending on the opportunities.

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