24 July 2006


Poor Dad! He has been travelling by himself this weekend, and he has had nothing but bad luck and snafus!

I told you he took the dog and pony show to Alabama, right? Well, it's a damn good thing he didn't have this dog along, 'cause somewhere between Birmingham and St. Louis, Delta misplaced his baggage, and it didn't get to St. Louis at the same time he did! Since he was going to St. Louis for his 40th high school reunion, he needed the dress clothes packed in that little roll-on! Well, bless their souls, they finally united him with his baggage just before he checked out of the hotel this morning. Phew! Glad he at least got to change underwear before he headed for the airport.

As if that episode was not enough, his flight was SIGNIFICANTLY delayed leaving St. Louis. In fact, if muzzer is counting right, they sat in the plane for almost 5 hours! Of course, he missed his connection in Phoenix, but good old US Air/America Wurst came through! They put him on a flight that was supposed to leave at 9:00 pm or so. So muzzer and I got into the car and headed for Albuquerque to pick him up! About 2 exits out of Santa Fe, the cell phone rang. Muzzer answered it and lo and behold, it was Dad, who said that the flight had been delayed and they weren't leaving Phoenix until 10:15 (11:15 our time.) That puts him into the airport at Albuquerque at about 20 minutes past midnight, or waaay after good terriers are supposed to be asleep. So muzzer, who was a Girl Scout when the uniforms were still green, said "OK, I'll find a hotel when I get there and check us in, because I am not driving back tonight, and neither are you!!!!"

So, here we are in the Comfort Inn near the airport waiting for an update on the arrival time for Dad's plane. Good thing they had a non-smoking room available, or muzzer would've done the Bethlehem thing until she found one! I like these places, they have really fast internet connections and very friendly staff.

I'll report more on Dad's adventures next time I am on. We have to head back to Santa Fe early tomorrow because I have to see the vet again about my foot. Just a recheck I hope, and I have been a VERY good WFT and not chewed at my bandage hardly at all!

In the other miracles department, muzzer said to tell you that the kitten puppet still lives. We are working on a world record here folks.

Hat's off to the airlines for screwing up this weekend and getting me a night in a hotel! And they better not misplace that suitcase again, or they will be sorry. You see, Dad is pretty cool, but muzzer may just blow a gasket!

your friend

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