24 July 2006

New Bandage!

Here I am again, back from Albuquerque and proud possessor of a new, less embarrassing but still effective, bandage. The doc said I was a much better boy today than last time. No fooling. This time they didn't try to humiliate me with that bright pink stuff! Hello-oo!

Now I am more of a match for my human sister and her toe! She sent me a picture which I am sharing with you so you can compare them. Her toe is in the smaller picture. hehe!

Oh yeah, Dad is back and it sure was good to see him this morning. Yup! Right, his flight was delayed once again, so it was Monday when he got to Albuquerque. I think that must be one tired pony!



Anonymous said...

Gus--I'm very proud of you for still being able to type with your hurt right forepaw. I am having a tough time doing most of the things I normally use my left foot to do (like. . .walking, for example).

Gus said...

I am learning to hold a ballpoint pen in my mouth and gently tap the keys. Also, I have been inspired watching some of my Dad's old friends type. They only use a couple of fingers! What color is your toe under the bandages? Mine is still slightly inflamed and swollen, but I bet you've got some good color development going on there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gus! I just love your blog! My human mom, Joanne, lets me read it all the time.

I wish I could travel as much as you do. I love to go for car rides with my big sister Jessie (she's a cocker spaniel.)

Hope your paw feels better soon. (I like the new bandage much better - pink is for girls!)

- Smitty

Gus said...

Smitty: I'm glad you like my blog. My muzzer helps me with the hard stuff like loading the pictures. It is nice to have people handy, isn't it?