27 July 2006


Another fascinating 48 hours. All in a days work for us terriers.

Yesterday we took a surprise trip. I didn't know we were going to spend the day with friends in Albuquerque, so I had a try at sleeping late and then expected it to be a pretty ordinary 24. But muzzer and dad have some old friends from college who live in ABQ, and we didn't get to see them when we went down to pick up dad on Sunday/Monday. Also, some other old friends from college are visiting the first set of friends, and we wanted to see them too!

We popped into the green go mobile and headed down the road. Of course, muzzer had to make a stop at a shop in ABQ that is almost as nice as hers in Tempe. And who did we run into at that shopping center but all the old friends who were also there to check out the shop! Whew. Did they think I was cute or what???? Anyway, we went back to Ken and Paula's place and had lunch. Doug and Karin came all the way from Ireland to see all of us, so there was a lot of catching up to do! Me? Well since I am too young (by far!) to have gone to college with this group, I just kind of lap hopped and made sure everyone got some of my attention. Do you know that wonderful dog sounds just as good in German as it does in English? Karin thought I was really hot stuff! Here is a picture of my new friends outside of Ken and Paula's house.

Boy, that Paula can cook! She barbecued steaks for dinner, and of course, I got to have a few bites. MMMMMMMM! We talked for a while longer and then left for home. Of course, dad has impeccable timing and we didn't even get to the first stop light before the rain started coming down! I could tell that dad and muzzer were both tense, so I did what I could to help out and went to sleep. I tried not to snore so I wouldn't distract dad, who had to do the driving. As you can see, we made it home OK!

The rain continues off and on today. We lucked out on my morning constitutional and my lunchtime jaunt, but when time came for my preprandial perambulation, it was pretty damp. Muzzer has been told not to let me get my bandage wet, so she made me a little wellie out of a plastic bag. Her design sense is not great, but it was functional. We are all hoping for another good report from the Vet on Saturday, and then I won't have to wear this bandage for our trip home.

Here's hoping that my wirey pal Axel is feeling better. His post today was about a female dog friend of his, so that must be a good sign. We have had a lot of wires sign up at www.dogswitblogs.com.au\.

Trot on over and sample a few new ones.

your pal

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Life with Ozzy said...

Mom says where in Tempe does your mom have her store? She used to live in Tempe and wondered if she had shopped there and didn't realize it.
Glad to see you are doing a bit better. Oh I love steak and am too thankful when they have it for dinner because then I get to have some myself!
Hopefully you get your internet back up and can post more pictures of the Spanish Market. Take care and get home safely.