12 July 2006

Local Customs

The folks in Santa Fe are big on indigenous and traditional customs. One which I have embraced whole-heartedly is the Siesta! As a long time party animal (it runs in my family) I am quite familiar with the Fiesta. In fact when my friends Albert and Susanna Visited Virginia, we had one long Fiesta with lots of great food!

But, until I came to Santa Fe, I was not familiar with the practice of the Siesta. Each day after lunch, in the heat of the afternoon, it is customary to find a cool spot and take a nap. As a thinking terrier, I find this a most logical and reasonable way to spend part of the day.

One of my favorite places for Siesta is on the big bed in muzzer and dad's room, amidst and among all the fancy pillows. I particularly like the plaid ones, which I feel compliment my coloring and style. Also, Dad wears a lot of plaid shirts, and I think he is pretty cool!

Here are a couple of pictures muzzer took today during one of my Siestas! Don't you think a Siesta is a good idea for a busy terrier? Don't you wish you could take a Siesta too?

much love

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Mango and Party said...

hi Gus,

we are two blogging wires from Singapore. do come by to visit our humble little cyber-place in bloggerland when you could.

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