16 April 2006

Hoppy Yeaster

I wish I could tell you that the Easter Rabbit came and left me lots of hard boiled eggs, carrots and a few chocolate eggs. No such luck! We've been on the move so much that the old lapin probably couldn't find me. I mean, it was a nice hotel, but were we registered under my name? NOOOO.

However, we did have a good time in DeeSee after we dropped off Grandpa. There was this park right across from the hotel. Lots of smells. Lots of squirrels. Lots of folk. Lots of compliments. I am clearly the finest specimen of terrierdom around. Maybe it is my winning smile. Perhaps my naturally curious nature? My outstanding behavior? Who knows. We finished the day with a really long walk while muzzer shopped in Filene's Basement. (no dog toys!) and then had an early dinner al fresca at the restaraunt attached to our hotel. I got handouts without begging! I got compliments galore. Dad says we are lucky I didn't get sick.

Anyway, we were up and out early this am and chased a few more squirrels, then Dad took me over to my older sister Emily's studio apartment. Oh boy. That woman knows how to shop. She had a whole bunch of treats and a new type of chew bone waiting, and a bit of my favorite condiment, peanut butter! Things were going well until she and Dad left me! Wait, Wait! How will you meet new people? How will you enjoy this beautiful day without me? Am I being abandoned? .......

Emily said I could use her 'mputer and work on my blog. I tried, but all I could find was that Axel dog and his blog. I gotta get my password from muzzer. Well, as an alternative I just explored my new territory. Lots of soft places to lay down. No one to tell me to get off the couch. A neat set of stairs that doesn't go anywhere, but you can run up and down them to work through the anxiety attack. Nooks and corners, crannies and cupboards, but no rodents, no cats, no other dogs. Took a nap.

They finally came back for me and took me for a walk around this great city block. Then we picked up my new stuff and headed for home. I'm glad to say that muzzer forgot to put me in my "dog safety" belt, so I got to sleep all over the back seat.

Life will be boring for a while. No trips for three days. But lots of laundry to help with, and lots of new smells in my hometown.

See ya soon


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