03 April 2006

Nashville Cats

Ok, this is really not about cats, as I have only seen one since leaving North Carolina. This is about me and my travels around Nashville.

We arrived late yesterday, and I was quickly walked in the park across from the hotel and relegated to the hotel room. Unfair! Why can't I go out to dinner? But I was very good, no messes, no petty theft from the suitcases, so when they returned, I got a taste of tenderloin. Someone had carefully removed the bernaise sauce, but the scent still lingered. Most wonderful! This came from the Mad Platter eaterie in Nashville, which got good reviews from my humans and great reviews from the beef afficionado in the family. (moi!)

I was sure I was gonna get parked in the hotel room for the day, but muzzer and I went shopping. First we went to Opry Mills, where I had to wait in the car. Bummer. But all was not lost, since it was a bad shopping day at the mall, so muzzer took out her frustrations at the doggy bakery. Love those whole wheat parmesan flavored pretzel thingies. Good thing I had my travelling water bowl along. Needed lots of ice water to wash it down. Once we walked around part of the perimeter of the mall, we got back in the car and headed for town. We stopped at a small shop for muzzer, interesting only because the owner is dog friendly and let me come in and help shop. Next door however, there was a really cute dog and cat place. That's where I spotted my only cat of the day, and got myself tossed out ingnominiously! I must've been really nasty, cause muzzer did not go back in to buy me a new leash. She said she was too embarrased. Huh? The cat started that fight, why did I get punished.

We had a good walk when we got back to the hotel. Centennial park has imported a number of squirrels for my enjoyment, and I kept busy chasing them up trees. I hate to leave Nashville, but tomorrow we head for St. Louis where I will meet my Aunt and Uncle. I hope they have treats!

Closing for tonight. More tomorrow. Gonna watch the NCAA final with Dad.

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Anonymous said...

Bracchiole? Tenderloin with bernaise sauce? Gus, you eat better than most people I know.