23 April 2006

What's Going on Here?

I counted this morning and realized that we have slept in the same bed for six days now! We have had no company since Grandpa left! I have hardly even been in the car except for a trip to Charlottesville, and we came back the same day! I ask you, is this any life for a travelling terrier?


I tried to share my concerns with muzzer, who told me to be quiet or she would put me in the washing machine with the rest of the dirty laundry that built up over the past couple of weeks. Then I tried to talk to dad, who muttered something about gasoline being three dollars a gallon and did I care to contribute to the cost of a trip. Since I spent my allowance for the week at Petsmart in Charlottesville, I had to turn down his request for a loan. After all, I needed that spiffy red leather collar and leash. And those new chew bars that promise to whiten your canines. And that rawhide that looks like a pretzel. And......

So, I guess we are stuck here for a while. I will have to find some mischief to make in Lexington, but it is a pretty sleepy town. All this history and not one dog park! I am reduced once again to tearing up the fox that was my present at Christmas. I don't think muzzer can fix it this time. I killed the squeaker good and spread about half of that rascally fox's innards around the living room. Good riddance. Now maybe someone will let me catch a squirrel. They have so far thwarted all my efforts at domination of squirrels on the lawn at Washington and Lee. What is a terrier to do for fun around here? Any ideas appreciated. I may have to join a fraternity for some fun and night life.

Yours in the midst of boredom

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