31 May 2006

Well, they've gone and done it. They piled so much "stuff" into this Japanese Sedan that they reduced the terrier space to NOTHING! Can you see my tiny terrier head in this photo? I'm the white fuzzy spot under the basket and next to the dirty laundry. Sheesh. And they wonder why I want to scamper and run around at the rest stops.

Anyway, after all the talk about packing light and not taking anything back to Arizona that was not absolutely necessary, this is what we ended up with in the car. I ask you...Did muzzer have to hold the dirty laundry on her lap? NOOO.....Did Dad have to sit on his briefcases????NOOOO. Did their big water bowl have to get left behind? NOOOO. This terrier is about to have a tantrum. At least I got a bite of steak and shake original single burger for dinner tonight. They will pay for this in the long run......

your friend

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Anonymous said...

You do look a bit cramped there, Gus, but steakburgers are worth any amount of suffering.