30 June 2006

On the way To Santa Fe

We are on the road again, but only for a couple of days. Blogging from a nice hotel in Gallup, N.M. right on historic route 66. Get your kicks, and all that.

Anyway, we had a rough night last night, because Tika had eaten something that turned her puppy tummy and intestines inside out!! Wow...what a smell. So, this morning, muzzer took her dog food up and put it in the cupboard, and she cooked Tika some very fine looking Basmati rice. When my sister Elizabeth got out of bed, muzzer told her what was going on and said "nothing but white rice today, tomorrow you might try a little applesauce. If it lasts beyond noon tomorrow, you will have to call the vet, because she might start getting dehydrated. "

Having settled that little problem (I hope) we loaded up the car yet again, and put our little selves on the road to Santa Fe. If that sounds like a bad version of a Bob Hope/Bing Crosby movie, don't blame me. I wasn't even born then. Must be muzzer, since Dad is too young also...hehe.

I made an early escape from the back seat, and got to ride up front until the first rest stop in Payson, when it was back into the harness for me. Here are some photos of my brief taste of freedom, and the exceptionally fine views from the front seat. Muzzer will be more careful with the latches from now on, so I may not have another opportunity until Dad gets to put me in the harness. I think he is secretly on my side, since he laughed a lot when muzzer told him she had purchased my doggy seat belt contraption at PetSmart in Charlottesville.

OOOH...before I forget. Tonight after dinner muzzer was sucking on a lollipop. Having never had a taste of such a thing, I expressed an interest in sharing it with her. Imagine my surprise when after I got my first good lick in, she let me have the whole thing!!!!! Ymmmy. Even if she did insist on holding on to the stick so I didn't get my lovely clean self all mussed up.

See additional pictures of my dad the driver

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