14 August 2006

I've been tagged!

My wirey blog-pals have this new game. You send someone an e-mail telling them they have to tell 5 weird things they do, and then pass the message along to your friends.

I am such a popular terrier that I got tagged twice! Once by Fee, a really cute wirey girl in Singapore, and once by my wirey pal Mackie! Makes me feel real good first thing in the morning!

So, here are five of the weird things I do.

  1. I walk well on a leash. For a WFT, that is really a weird thing. Pictures of my wirey friends on line show most of them wearing a harness for walkies! I am a true gentleman. See earlier posts for proof.
  2. I sleep on my back with all four paws in the air. The first time my muzzer saw that, she thought I was dead! Fooled her, huh?
  3. My food bowls must be arranged with the dry food on my left and the water on my right! If not, I will use my nose to re-arrange them.
  4. I must circle a bush twice before I can ascertain whether or not it is appropriate for baptism. Do not rush me, this is important!
  5. My stomach is usually very serene. One day I had a bad gas attack. I felt the need to bark at my rear end every time I let out a smelly!

I'm sure there are more weird things I do! If you really want to know, you can ask my muzzer. Or maybe my sister E.Rabbit can tell you. Dad can't help, he thinks I am perfect


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Wires don't get gas. We do, on occasion, share air.

Bussie Kissies

Gus said...

OOH! Bussie that is almost poetic!
Thank you

Ender said...

Thought you were dead! That sounds like a fun trick! I found you on the Dogs With Blogs site!

Ivy said...

hey hey gussie! thanks for sniffing my blog. i wish i cud live in arazona ware there are no evil skwerrels too! do you haf prairy dogs? wen i went for the longest-ride-in-the-car-ever to the pasifik oshun we stopped someware reely hot and there were prairy dogs there.

Gus said...

Hey Ivy! We saw prairie dogs in New Mexico, but not yet in Arizona. It has to be some cooler than it is here, or the little fellers can't sleep at night! I, Gussie, can sleep very well, because I hog the best place under the fan on the big bed!

My longest ride in the car ever so far has been the ride from Virginia to Arizona, with a stopover in St. Lolus to see a Cardinals game. It took a long time and we stayed in many, many hotels! I like hotels. They sometimes have room service and I know how to order a hamburger!

(well, I need help with the ordering, cause usually the people in room service don't talk terrier very well!)

jaffeboy said...

Your 5th wierd habit is really funny!