04 August 2006


Today, Teka and I went out into the yard to play. Now, a lot of my wirey friends on line are suddenly into the idea of having a brother or sister, and I thought I would share some of my ideas with you. When we first go into the yard, Teka behaves very well. She makes like a submissive female sibling, even though she is really my niece, not my sister.

Then, we start to tussle a little bit. And I get to show her who is the REAL boss! There is much grinning and baring of teeth, as you can see. We have a big yard in the back of our house with lots of trees. She likes to run in circles around the yard and see if she can scare some birds. Then she comes back to me for some praise and applause. Gotta tell you, raising terriers is not as easy as we make it look. Then
we have to talk it out a bit. She is not sure how to act and I have to put her in her place a LOT!!!!

Now we get to the part I really like! I get to show my teeth and she shows me hers! We tussle in the grass and everybody has a really good time! Then we play our game where she runs in a circle and I stand in the middle and watch. Even though we have nearly half an acre to run on (in?) she goes really fast and I can hardly keep track of her! I have to put her in her place again, sometimes I have to sit on her head to make her behave. Finally, we remember what we wanted to do when we came out here and we go our separate ways! Not to worry, we can start again whenver we want to!

Your pal
And Teka, too

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E. Rabbit said...

Boy, Gus, it looks like you and Teka are having a lot of fun in the yard. Hope it cools down enough for you two to get in some solid frolicking time.