07 September 2006

Dedicated to sqrll....

Who takes a lickin'
But keeps on squickin:

Oh stalwart sqrll between my paws
Also happy between my jaws
My life without you was so damn drear
I'm really, really glad you're here.

Yr squeaker makes a happy noise
Yr furry head brings lots of joys
And when I chew yr furry tail
Other toys beside you pale

I know you cannot last for ever
But you are cute, and oh so clever
That you and I can bond together
And share our lives with one another

I'm glad I found you in that box
Nestled in among dad's socks
And when yr squeaking time is done
I'll bury you out in the sun



E. Rabbit said...

A very nice poem, Gus. I hope Sqrrl is appreciative.

jaffeboy said...

Very clever, Gus. I like it!!!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

A poem for a whirlie - Gussie have you gone mad!!!!! It is kinda cute tho, guess I can see it!

Bussie Kissies

Daniella said...

Somebody has too much time on his paws...heh heh