03 October 2006

AM update

OK, some of the questions from last night have been answered.

We managed walkies by sending two small yippy dogs in one direction, and Travis and Dad in the other. Worked OK. Probably would be interesting to see all of us together. Teka would have to be in front though.

Breakfast is OK. Teka gets puppy food first in her crate.

The Travis and I get breakfast simultaneously (muzzer says that means "at the same time") by having Dad in charge of getting one bowl to the floor, and muzzer carrying the other. Yum.

The Big Bed was a bit crowded, but we all made it through the night. Here is a picture of me and Dad in our space.
And a picture of Travis and his St. Louis Cardinals T-shirt on the corner of the bed.

And one of Teka, looking sweet and innocent, over by muzzer.

It's a good thing nothing important is going on today, I think I need a nap before gametime!



E. Rabbit said...

It's a good thing muzzer and Teka are both pretty small, because it looks like you boys are taking up a lot of room.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gussie,

I know this has nothing to do with your post except that you mentioned a St. Louis Cardinals shirt. My mom said to tell you that your mom's favorite, Luis Gonzalez, formerly of the Arizona Diamondbacks (is that a snake?!), is working as a "color commentator" on ESPN radio. She said that he was covering the Cardinals-Padres game this afternoon. I have no idea what all of that means, do you?

Your pal Smitty.

Gus said...

E.rabbitt: muzzer says she is moving into the guest room. As soon as she gets the boxes emptied and the bed replaced.

Smitty: We listened to the commentary and think Luis G. did a good job. We are all Cardinals fans in this family, since Dad is from St. Louis. Muzzer says, "You can take a boy out of St. Louis, but you can't keep him away from the stadium."


Liberty Doo Dah said...

Oh, I know *all* about game day! My mum & dad jump around like freaks! I love it cause I get all frisky when they do that!
Airedale Kisses,

Anonymous said...

Who knew cute lil Teka was truly such a terrierist? She still does retain her cuteness!

Bussie Kissies