16 October 2006

Go Cards!

Remember that I mentioned that my sister E.Rabbit was sending me a present? Well, here is a picture of me wearing my present, and just in time for the rest of the season!

And here is another one of me, taken while I was lying down on Travis' rug in the kitchen. The figure in the backgound is Travis,
looking enviously at my new neck scarf.

It was pretty hard to tell who was happier about my new apparel item, me or Dad. Dad is the one in the family who does not think canines should be dressed up funny, and he thinks we should not be anthropormorphized by things like blogs and dogster and stuff. But he sure did have a happy look on his face when muzzer helped me open my package. He and E.Rabbit are the big baseball fans in the family, and they both root for the St. Louis Cardinals. E.Rabbit has a picture taken sometime in the dark ages (1980 or so) of her and her pal Robby with Fredbird. It is so old, it is in black and white!!!!

Now, for my final bit of vanity this evening, here is the obligatory "cute Gussie" picture that muzzer always takes.

And for those of you who want to get your very own neck scarf from your favorite team, even though it may not be the St. Louis Cardinals, you can learn more at
www.sportyK9.com and here is a copy of their hang tag, just in case.

Love from Gussie

( eat your heart out Albert )


Anonymous said...

Hey Gussie,

Nice scarf! My mom is also rooting for the Cardinals, even though we are from New York. I guess my sister Jessie and I will soon be getting Yankee gear from that website!

Your pal Smitty

E. Rabbit said...

Oh good, I was worried it wouldn't get there in time for you to have a chance to wear it. Hope you bring the Cardinals luck for the next few days!

Anonymous said...

Oh darn, they have Miami listed for college teams, but I pawed it and it said "coming soon". Dognabbit!

That cardinals red does look good on you Gus.

Did you know the Cardinals play here at the Roger Dean Stadium in Jupiter, Florida? We park outside in the convertible and watch the fireworks on game nights. I think I might even have a Cardinals hat I got there on Dog Nite....no, it's a Jupiter Hammerheads hat. That's right, Mom thought the Hammerhead on a Dog Head was a cute tie in....ptooey.

Bussie Kissies