07 January 2007

What's for Dinner?

My pal Joe Stains has been telling us what he and his brother Tanner get to eat, and there has been a lot of discussion of food on some of my blogdog sites recently. So, Teka and I decided to let you know what we had for dinner tonight!

Sundays are kind of special around here, 'cause muzzer has a chance to plan the meal, instead of just doing it without notes or rehearsal. Plus, she usually cooks enough for two people, and she only eats for about 3/4 of a person. That means there are leftovers! Ususally enough for two dogs to share.

Tonight the menu was:
Orange roughy stuffed with cheddar, brocolli and crab meat
Baked potatoes
Petit Pois with tiny onions

White wine with bubbles (a decent Proseco, and the dogs didn't get any!)

Now, unfortunately, muzzer did not take a picture BEFORE we got to the dog dishes. But this is what they looked like AFTER!

And, Sundays are when muzzer grocery shops and brings back treats for the terriers. Today, Teka got a really cute t-shirt, actually from the baby department, and I got a great big bone! Teka gets her bone tomorrow when I go to work with Muzzer, so don't waste too much time feeling sorry for her. Plus, she will have mine before the evening is over!


fee said...


nice after pictures you have there! mine looks the same after every meal too; all polished and gleaming like it's already been washed. what is petit pois?


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

I got prime rib and asparagus last night. Weekend food is always the best food!

Bussie Kissies

Gus said...

Bussie: Love Weekends. Yummy yummy. Real good food and time with mummy! Yeah, weekends

Fee: That's french for "little peas" Usually I only eat peas right out of the freezer, but these stay sweet even when muzzer cooks them. Repeat weekend cheer please.

Deanna said...

Very cute shirt, but I'd rather have the bone.

Also, you get way better people food than Joe Stains!

Nat said...

Day-in, day-out, Pappy just gets Artemis Fresh Mix kibble. Boring, but it keeps him from loitering around the dinner table.

Joe Stains said...

well I am glad that Tanner's butt is getting you guys some good food too!! Tanner's butt is the best thing ever!!

Anonymous said...

omg. must reposess my dog so you and e.rabbit stop dressing her up like a puppyprostitute...

jaffeboy said...

K, I need some before pictures to show MaMa what she's not doing right! The only special thing I get on weekends is a lamb marrow bone. Pretty standard except when MaMa feels generous & we get a salmon steak.