12 August 2007

Good Bye St. Loulis

Good bye Sofa where I slept
Goodbye Chair and Windows Too
Goodbye fireplace with your logs
Gussie's on the road where he does blogs.
Tonight we are in Arkansas. This is my Third new state this trip.
Kansas, Iowa and Arkansas.
I liked Iowa best, cause that is where Miss Snickers and Mr. Butcho are.
I'm glad to be heading home. More tomorrow
Kissies from ar Kansas


Asta said...

Hi Gussi
Have a safe twip home..I'm glad you had such a nice long vacation ,but still managed to talk to us...is your tummy all better? I hope so.
if you go to Kansas you can say hi to Stanley and Herc
smoochie kisses

wally said...

Good bye St. Louis and the Steak n' Shake! Sorry that you had a bad experience with White Castle. Hmmm. Well, I hope the rest of your trip goes well with no further bellyachin'.

My ma ape found out that the salmon skinables are by a company called Snack 21--they make all of my fish snackables! If you can't find them at your pet store they have them at Pet Food Direct.


Anonymous said...

Boy, and just in time Gussie. I heard that the temps are hitting the three digit range in St. Loulis.

Have a safe trip home!

Your pal Smitty

Duke said...

You're sure had a nice long vacation! I bet your anxious to get home, huh?

Love ya lots,

Asta said...

Hi Gussie
Almost home now..I bet it will be nice to have all tha familiaw smells and evewything where you know it belongs..but it sounds like you had lots of gweat adventuwes, we suwe had a super summer, we're lucky little foxy tewwiers aren't we?
smoochie kisses

Ivy said...

that does look like a nice couch to borrow but i think the couch at home is always the most comfy. safe travels gussie!

Joe Stains said...

We hope you have a safe trip back here, we have been anxious for you to come back because its hard guarding the whole state without you!

Eddie N Peaches said...

Safe travels, Gus. You'll be happy to be home soon.
Whoofs & Baroos,
Eddie N Peaches

Daniella said...

Tell your Mommy she has great taste not only in dog breeds but in books. I saw her post on Jake's blog about British mystery writers. I wrote Jake's Mom and told him to tell his mom to get Ruth Rendell books and then his mom told me today that your mommy recommended those in the first place. My Mom and her Mom LOVE Ruth Rendell, they have read EVERY single one...they just love the fascinating characters...Mom says have your read the Barbara Vine books too as that is Ruth pretending to be a different author. Grandma loves the Vine books, Mom prefers the Rendell books. She hopes a new one comes out soon...Mom also just discovered Elizabeth Berg and enjoys her writing.

Urban Smoothie Read said...

so gus will miss all those comfy furniture??

hv a safe trip...