06 August 2007

Mother plays catch up

I let muzzer read all the responses from my blogging pals about what a terrible thing it was to take me to PetSmart, have me bathed and not get me much of anything to bring home from the experience.

So, today she went to a place called Massage Envy to have a Massage, because they were doing a benefit for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, a cause that is close to my muzzer's heart. (hehe) (survivor joke!)

Anyway.... When she came back she had this really cool, looooooong bully stick thing for me. And I said..."Muzzer, what am I supposed to do with this?"

And Muzzer said "Aw, Gussie, I'm sure you can figure it out."

So, I did. And I figure that this bully stick thing may last me for a couple of days or more!

I have been chewing for an hour now, and my jaws are pretty weary. Look how much of this thing there is left! Wowsa! I want one of these for the car trip home! Between that, and naps, I may just not even care that there are no Steak n Shakes after you leave Oklahoma City!

Muzzer also brought home this ropey tug toy kind of thing. It used to look just like the one that I took up to Ioway for Mr. Butcho, to distract him while I was busy courting Miss Snickers. (It worked!) What you see, perched pitifully on the counter in front of the microwave, are the remains after approximately a minute and a half. Muzzer is ticked because you can't tell how cute he was before I started dismantling him. Wouldn't you think that she would know by know that she has to take pictures first, then give me the toy? She may never learn. This happened in the amount of time it took her to change the batteries in her little magical camera. And she is no slouch at load and lock on that thing.

Well, I am properly chastened (see me hiding my eye with my paw? And I have promised not to do this again .... Until the next time she brings something home with a squeaker in it!
Humility is not a breed characteristic among wire fox terriers.


Jackson's J1 and J2 said...

Good work on the toy, Gus. Never had such a large bully stick. I'm rather envious! J x

Duke said...

Bully sticks are the best! We get them more in the winter time than in the summer! You did quite a number on that poor rope toy!

Love ya lots,

Joe Stains said...

Thank goodness she brought you some fun things to play with, I was beginning to wonder if you were not being taken care of properly! ;)

The Brat Pack said...

Wow, that's a long bully stick. We're jealous!

Daniella said...

Wow, you nearly gave me a heart attack...when I read your first paragraph I thought you said you went to PETSMART to get groomed. Phew...

Wow, that bullystick looks delish. I get very small curly ones occasionally - Mom is too concerned about my weight to get me big ones cos I finish these things off in minutes...I bet I'd eat one like yours in one sitting!

Enjoy buddy!

Asta said...

It's gweat to talk to you aagain! I missed you I had loads of fun and I'll shawe my whole twip eventually..we just got home and Mommi says she needs to do laundwy and stuff, hrmpf..what's mowe imppowtant than my fwiends I ask you???
That is a pawsome bully stick,have fun with it..and conwrats on the toy destuffing..I love you!!
smoochie kisses

Agatha and Archie said...

Whew Our efforts worked!!! Good work on the squeaky!!!! We have never had a bully stick either!! A+A

Asta said...

I fowgot to say, I love that last pictuwe of you...both my Mommi and I want to come ovew and moosh you..I give those hugs that I gave Mitchy without any pwompt..I love to hug my fwiends
sweet dweams

Deanna said...

You are Mr. Destructo!!!

And it's good to know your mom is trainable!