23 December 2007

Two short photo essays, then I'll work on the song!

This morning we could not find Teka!

We looked and looked and looked.

Then I went into Muzzer's room to nap on the big bed.

I still did not see Teka. But there was a rumbling.

It was coming from behind the pillows.

I hopped up and looked closer.

I looked over the edge of the pillows, and there she was.

She was hiding from Sandy Paws.

I made her get up and we played and played.

Later Today

I could not find E.Rabbit!

I looked for her in the living room...I think I found her!

I gave her a big kissie and woked her up.

She said I am a lot better than her alarm clock in DeeSee


Duke said...

We're not quite sure what E.Rabbit was thinking with that wake up kiss, Gussie! Is she smiling or crying? At least in the next photo she looks content!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

the many Bs said...

Awwww, hi Gus, those photos are heartwarming. Benson is a good alarm clock too. he uses his special 'high speed face washing' technique to get mom waked up with a clean face.

we like your song about Aire Ruby. you are a genuis, Gus. how do you do it?!


Joe Stains said...

you are as good of a detective as I am, you don't even need a coat!!

Sophie Brador said...

Hey Gus, I play hide and seek with my mom sometimes. It's fun! I get all wiggle bum when I find her.

Guess what? I'm still doing really well! Woo hoo!

Have a great holiday!


The Brat Pack said...

We love your pictures! We're sending doggie vibes that you have a wonderful Christmas!

Love & kisses,
The Brat Pack

Lacy said...

woofies Gussie and Teka!!!! mama says doggy wake up calls r da bestest....its almost santa paws day, me sooo xciteded...heehee me hides bhind da pillows likie Teka does...

b safe,

Headgirl said...

Lovely fun & photo's.

Many thanks for your 'seasonal greetings' card which made it this morning - such a terrific snap of you Gussie too.

Re the Christmas craker pull - am doing dinner not lunch, so UK time, say 6pm...
This time I'll pull, you tug!
Will report back as to who wins what...lol!

Pats & pets

Daniella said...

What a beautful photo of you and E Rabbit! Merry Xmas.


Stanley said...

Gussie Boy!

My girl says you could wake her up with your kissies ANYtime! She would wrassle your curly carcass to the ground and then give you smooches ALL OVER your punkin head! (She's making me type this.) [*major eyeroll*]

Goober love,