14 June 2009

When Bad things happen to Good Dogs

This is a picture of Raven, a rescued greyhound who belongs to a friend of E.Rabbit's. They live in Azrizona, near Joey and the Doofus .

Briefly, Raven and her mom were out walking earlier this week and they were attacked by an unleashed pit bull. It took Raven's mom and a couple of strong men to break the hold the pit bull had on Raven. Raven has a broken jaw and has lost a tooth, her mom has had several surgeries and a skin graft. Raven was kind enough to agree to an interview for this post. She asks that you forgive any misspelled words, because her mom is having trouble typing.

So here is my first attempt at being Bob Edwards.

So, Raven...it is great to see you looking so good after your bad experience. Thank you for agreeing to answer a few questions for my blogging friends. I hope we can all learn from your experience, and perhaps avoid similar situations.

I understand this happened at a dog walk. Is it a place you visit often?
The incident happened on the bridle path in N. Phoenix. We've walked there twice a day, ever since we moved here in October. It's a really pretty area with lots of old trees and full of people.

Do you have many friends there?
We see a lot of the same people/dogs walking, but no real friends here, Phoenix strangers aren't quite as friendly as New Orleans strangers. I have a buddy, Blake that I play with in Tempe when I'm at my grandpa and grandma's house.

Have you had any other bad experiences there?
We've never had a bad experience on the bridle path before. There are tons of dogs and runners and cyclists and everyone is pretty responsible and respectful of each other.

Did you have any warning at all that something like this could happen?
My mom used to walk with mace when we lived in New Orleans because there were lots of loose dogs, but stopped carrying it here. She REALLY regrets that decision. There is also a product called direct stop that is supposed to work for stopping aggressive dogs. Mom's going to look into this. Also, no matter how nice you think your dog is - they should never EVER be let off leash in a populated area, especially aggressive breeds like pits. I was on my leash when this happened but the pits person let it out of the car off a leash and thought it would run in the house, instead it came after us

Tell us how badly you were hurt, and how are you doing now?
I have a broken jaw and lacerations to my neck. I also lost my left fang and have stitches in my gums. I'm doing really well, I have bounced back remarkably fast. I'm definitely still afraid of other dogs though.

And we understand that your mom was also injured, and has had multiple surgeries. Is she feeling better yet?
My mom is doing better, but unfortunately, I can't live with her right now because of her hand, she can't take care of me so I'm staying with my grandpa right now

What has happened to the pit bull that attacked you? Has he/she been in jail?
Unfortunately nothing much happened to the pit bull or its owners, since it had its shots it had to be quarantined at home for 10 days and that's it. They also haven't paid for any of my vet bills or my mom's bills.

Will you go back to the dog park?
My mom already didn't let me go to the dog park, this is the second time I've been attacked. There's something about greyhounds that seem to bring out the worst in other dogs. Mom's friend Jack says its because I'm tall and skinny and the other dogs are haters. I play with my greyhound friends, Ziggy and Lucy, and my friend Blake the Jack Russell but otherwise I just socialize with my family and my [feline] brother, Armano.

Do you have anything else you would like to tell my blog readers?

Well that covers it, if you take anything from this, please please please keep your dog on their leash

Please keep Raven and her mom in your thoughts and prayers, and keep safe on walkies.

gussie n teka


Faya said...

Dear Raven,
I hope your Mom will feel better soon and that you will be together again.....
Kisses, Faya

Abby said...

Hi, Gussie...

Thanks for sharing Raven's story...

I'm so sorry him & his Mom were hurt...I hope they feel better soon...

I can't believe the owners of the other dog haven't come forward to help with expenses...

Abby xxxooo

Astrid Keel said...

Raven, hope you and your mom get better soon. Gus, it's wonderful of you to give such a nice interview!

wally said...

Poor Raven. My sissy Morgan was attacked by a dog under similar circumstances--someone who let their dog run from the car to the house without a leash. Fortunately no one was hurt. I hope at the very least that the dog's owners will step up and take responsibility for the bills


ps. Gus! I heard about power outages in Maymphis! Oh no!

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

That is soooo sad.

I'm glad they are okay but they must miss each other a lot...

People khan be soooo furry stoopid - plus the people in AZ are already fighting having their brains khooked by the heat...just ask Joey about that!

Tank woo fur sharing their story with us!


Sally said...

I am sooooo sorry to hear about Raven! That must have been such a scary situation - and I know it has left you both with more than physical damage and hurt. Our Paddy was attacked recently by a dog off leash too - and D gets so jumpy when any dog comes near - we are so sorry - sadly there are horrible humans out there that take no responsibility for themselves or their pets! I hope you get better soon - I know the emotional scars will take a little longer. Lots of licks
Sally and Paddy

Agatha and Archie said...

Ohhh this makes us so sad and mad.And this is what gives dog owners a bd name....We hope you feel better soon Raven as well as your PL.....and we send you lots of strong wft healing kissesLove A+A

Fred said...

So sorry about what happened to Raven! She is exactly right about pups being on leash; that is one of Old Girl's pet peeves (when they run loose in neighborhoods, etc.).

Dexter said...

Thank you for that great interview. Yes, we have had bad encounters with off leash dogs. People can be pretty dumb sometimes. I am so glad that everybody will recover at least physically.

Greyhounds are funny dogs. I don't know why other dogs react strangely to them. I tried to adopt a greyhound once, but when I took my airedale to a meet and greet he pee'd on them (how rude).

Mango Momma

Stanley said...

Hey, Gussie & Teka!

We're sending healing goob smooches to Raven and her mama. That's one scary situation. My girl's first Airedale friend, Rascal, was attacked from out of nowhere by an offleash Mastiff when she was walking him, and he had the Mastiff at his mercy in no time, but Greyhounds aren't known for taking down big game. It's scary no matter how you slice it. Let them know we're thinking of them!

I'm glad E Rabbit came to visit you guys. She sounds very much like my girl in the gift-giving department. I think my girl still has some birthday presents from 2007 she hasn't given to people yet. Your presents are stinkin' stylish. Bet you can't wait for winter to wear your sweaters.

I hear that Fergi & Jake may be meeting Muzzer on their way through Memphis. Hope that works out. They're sweetpeas.

Goober love,

Tell Muzzer that if she ever lets me meet you I'll give her all the goober smooches and hugs she wants.

Rudy said...

Oh that kind of thing makes me so mad... I was attacked by a Staffy Bull terrier, another pit type, at a DOG SHOW. Mom says I fended the little jerk off really well until it came at me from behind. We filed a complaint against the handler with the AKC. Pits and their like are loaded weapons waiting to go off. We have a neighbor pit that's like that too.
So sorry to hear about Raven. You know nothing will happen to that other dog's owners OR that dog and that is a crime.

Rudy and his mom

Duke said...

We feel so badly for Raven and her mom! The least the Pit Bull's family could do was to pay the medical bills!
We're sending lots of healing thoughts to Raven and her mom!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Deetz said...

This is a very tragic story. I am so thankful that Raven is healing and his mum also. How terrifying.
You did a wonderful job with the interview. This happens alot in KS too. T-Bone Beasley lives in Arizona and he is my friend, you can find his link on my blog and his mum is really super nice too and I bet Raven would have a great furry friend to play with that is not aggressive.
Prayers to Raven

Lenny said...

I hope Raven and her mom are doing better. Thanks for the reminder and good message.

Your friend, Lenny