16 December 2010

Milk Bones

We aree posting early today because we are (maybe) going on an adventure!

One of Muzzer and Dad's favoritest groups are singing (we hope) in Ashland, VA tonight.
They are called :

Robin and Linda Williams and their fine band.

And they have been on lots of shows, like A Prairie Home Companion, and last year they were in Mayemphis at the Center for Southern Folklore and Robin and Linda are just about right for old folkies (NOT Fogies!) like my hoomans.

So, we are hoping they can make it to Ashland in time for the show, and we hope Dad decides it is OK to drive, 'cause we are havin' a SNOW STORM! here.

But we wanted to share a couple of their songs with you (here is the carol part!) and because they are a little obscure, here is where you can hear part of the first one, so you can have the melody if you want to sing along!

And here is MY Version......

by Linda Williams
as interpreted by Gussie

Thinking back on my best Christmas day
I see Lexington Virginia and a small place tucked away
And my brand new family was gathering there
And I was doing quite well going up and down the stairs.

Chorus: We hung milk bones high
On a little tiny tree
Pink and green and ones that looked like me
They still decorate my memories
Milk bones hung on the Christmas tree

We were livin very simple but we were warm and full
Had spaghetti for supper and taffy to pull
And there, high above the Lexington lights
Was lots of love to share on the cold winter night


That little bitty place was a haven for me
And I knew I was right where I wanted to be
And folks from all over the world gathered there
'Cause I plenty of wirey love enough to share


Milk Bones Hung on a little Christmas tree
Milk Bones Hung on a little Christmas tree

And then, it seems like maybe we should share another of their songs that was written about a Virginia Snowstorm a few years ago.

We hope you are warm and dry, and have paws crossed for Lorenza.

And we hope we get to go to Ashland tonight, 'cause otherwise, Muzzer will not be happy.

And when Muzzer is not happy...........


Anita said...

We are getting snow in our part of VA as well...so we hope that your hoomans will get to go to see their show! Tell them to travel safely and have fun!
Bones and Treats,
Bronson and Pepper

Honeygo Beasley said...

That is a very cool song and a really cool ornament to make and give to my doggie friends! Thanks for sharing...

Remington said...

I told Beth about this because she REALLY like bluegrass music and she said she wishes she could go to that. Her favorite group that plays in our area is Monroe Crossing. they are very good too. BTW -- like the song! Good job!

Asta said...

I DO hope Muzzew will be vewy happy tonight!
and you get lots of those bones fow the Chwissmuss twee
smoochie kisses

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Paws khrossed Muzzer is happy!!!

Otherwise, my WORD may have some sekhret meaning: BUMPYEHS

Nice Milk-Bones ditty!

Tasty too!


Eric said...

Ho hum hope Muzzer got to cast her mincies on her band. Wowzer wouldn't a milk bone tree with a terrier angel on the top be the bestest Gussie.

Wiry love Eric xx

Lorenza said...

I hope Muzzer was very happy tonight!
Thanks a lot for your good vibes!
I hope I will be fully recovered soon!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Unknown said...

Oh wow! America is full of wonderful traditions - you even get to hang cookies on your Christmas trees!!! :-)

Honey the Great Dane