21 April 2011

Glitter Photos

My Sweet Asta asked me to share this with you.

Have you heard? Tomorrow is a party to celebrates Ronnii’s birthday and Richie’s life!

It’s gonna be quite the pawty and I hope you can make it. Even if you don’t know them, I know Ronnii and Momma Tea would enjoy meeting you. It’s gonna be going on all day so be sure to try and stop by, okay?

Oh, and if that’s not enough celebration, my Asta's friends, JD & Max, are holding a commentathon in honor of Richie.

For every comment they get until the 29th, their FH will donate 1 pound UK to the Crossed Paws Organization! That’s the organization that helped raise moneys for Richie’s vet bills so it’s a really, really good cause. They are hoping to raise 200 pounds and that means they need lots and lots of comments.

They also have a cool contest going on over there, so it would definitely be worth the trip!

Have a great Earth Day, and o not eat the chocolate bunnies (PEEPS are better anyway.)


peeee esss..thanks to Miss Asta's Mommi and Mayzie's mom for help with this post.


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Why can't I eat the chocolate bunnies...I think all the ears are mad of carob, anyway...Peeps are good, but a a bit sticky. Honestly, Gussie, I just had my dental...do you think I want all that marshmallow in there???

So does that Cat read the comics??

We're going to buy a grill tomorrow (our grill caught on fire last July 4th...yes, that was a scene...) and we get a free tree from Lowes...how cool is that??


Miss Lacie Cakies....

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thank you for helping tell everybuddy abouts the pawty and the Commentathon! I'll see you and Teka there. We're gonna have the bestest time!

Wiggles & WAgs,

Remington said...

I bet the party was GREAT!