24 May 2011

Hi Y'all

The item for today is an Outward Hound Backpack that our pal Bocci sent me for winning a contest a couple of months ago. It is a medium, because I am a medium dog (except, ya know, I have a big heart, right?) and the color is called Red Clay, or for you fans of the Az. Diamondbacks, Sedona Red.

I think this is neat. But....it doesn't fit Teka and it doesn't fit the muzzer so........I am NOT carrying their lipsticks and wet wipes and sunscreen and personal fans around on my back.

But some of you lucky dogs who get to hike with your hoomans might get a kick out of this, and it is, after all, for a good cause.

Beginning Bid is $15.00, USD which is below what Amazon.com is charging for it this month, and you don't pay the shipping.

Again, we will toss in a few poop bags for good luck and good citizenship.

Place your bids by making a comment on this post, and we will tell you if you win so you can make your donation to Butchy's medicine fund.

Bidding ends at 2:00 pm EDT, May 29th of this year.

Thank you all



NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

I think Doofus needs that -

After all, his mom spends lots of time at those DB games!


Asta said...

Wow is that Gweat!!!!!!
I bet some big doggie would love to weaw that and help cawwy lots of his cookies in it, hehehe
smoochie kisses

Eric said...

Gussie pal you DO have a big heart. Yeah a big substantial good one doing all this for our sweet cousin Butchy. I hope somedoggie is going to be lucky enough to wear that backpack....er you did check to make sure there were no sausage rolls in it didn't you?

Wiry love Eric xxx

White Dog Blog said...

Can't let a charity auction have leftovers! This is a great item and I will just have to ORDER Quinn or YoYoMa to carry the WDA's gear! I bid $15.00.

Siku Marie