22 June 2006

Walks with Tika

Every morning when we finish breakfast, muzzer takes us for a walk. These walks are not as good as my Lexington walks, but they serve basically the same purpose.

These excursions have been described by muzzer as "Square Dancing with two partners. One doesn't know the steps, can't hear the music, and is legally blind." Never having been to a square dance, I cannot vouch for the description, but it is an interesting experience!

Tika wears her halt-her, and I wear my beautiful red collar and leash. Even at 7:00 am it is quite warm, so muzzer wears her sandals and a hat with her sundress. We are out the door in a flash! Tika wants to go North. I want to go West. Muzzer wants to stay out of the street. We are a funny sight!

Having settled upon a direction, we proceed at a fast pace until Tika spots something on the sidewalk or in a yard that looks like it might be edible. I am very sure that she has sampled more things in her young life than I, with my wisdom and maturity, have ever even considered. Today she sampled: a cactus pad, four different colors and sizes of gravel, a bit of bird poop, a dead flower, several leaf skeletons, and three different kinds of seed pods! And we don't walk that far, really. I have tried to explain that many, if not most of these things are very bad for small puppies, but she does not listen. I think the cactus pad may have made her a believer, at least until she saw the bird poop.

Can you believe this child? All this and she tries to steal some of my dog food every time we are fed! She is absolutely indiscriminate. See what she did to a packing box we had shipped from Virginia? (fortunately, NOT the one with my toys inside!)

I am at my wits end, and really looking forward to our trip next week to Santa Fe. There, in that tranquil spot high in the mountains above Albuquerque, I can once again be what I am meant to be....an only dog of aging and devoted parents. Plus, I think I can count on muzzer and Dad to eat their own food and not filch from mine.

Until we can get more pictures to load, I remain

your pal

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