31 August 2006

Hooray! I'm Legal in Arizona

Did I ever tell you about my collection of doggie licenses? I now have three legal dog tags, one for Maryland, one for Virginia (Rockbridge County) and one for Azrizona (Mary Copa County). The Azrizona one came today. Dad put it on for me. I loved it. Muzzer said three dog tags made too much noise, so Dad took my collar away and took off the ones for Maryland and Virginia. I feel disenfranchised. My identity is challenged. How am I gonna wake them up when I jump off the bed if I don't have all my tags?

Oh well, they brought home a doggy bag and it was pretty good.


E. Rabbit said...

Poor Gus, stripped of all your bling.

fee said...

halo gus!

THREE dog tags! i am jealous because i only have one. does having three licences mean you are legally entitled to three servings every meal and three presents for each birthday and assorted anniversaries?

if it is truly so, you must tell me!


Gus said...

Ah, what could be better than e-comments from two of my favorite females!

E.Rabbit...It wasn't the bling, it was the ring a ding ding!

Fee...Unfortunately it just meant that if I got away from the parents in any one of those states, they would have my records without even resorting to my microchip. Dad thought that was overkill, since we probably won't be back in the Eastern US for a while.


Daniella said...

It's better not to have too many tags Gussie - 'cos then you can't sneak and grab without being heard. We need to be silent to steal treats, food and to attack squirrels and the like. Trust me, your daddy did you a favor. I have my state tag, rabies tag, star of david (gift from BigFoot Fletch) - but I have to wear that darn bark collar around the house most of the time...but at least that way I don't sound like a jingle bells...


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Wow that means you had 3 sets of shots?!?!?!?! Owieeeeeee!

Bussie Kissies

Gus said...

Axel: Yeah, I think it is better. Dad even put my plastic microchip tag between the Azrizona tag and my tag with our phone number. I got out of bed and hit the food dish early this morning, and they couldn't remember if it was full last night or not, so I scored an extra helping.

Bussie: Nope, only one set for Maryland and Virgina, but I had to get booster thingies this year, so that is two sets total. I do, however, travel with a mountain of paperwork in my own purple folder with my name on it.

Have a safe and happy weekend.

Gus said...

My dad put the plastic tag between the two metal ones, which is working OK. My nekkid toes are good, tasting better everyday, but they still look a little pink from the Betty Dean the vet gave them in their bandage.