10 August 2006

I am a HERO!

Today while Teka and I were playing in the yard a Big, Black Bird came swooping over our heads. Teka jumped and tried to catch it, but it was way too high and flying too fast! She went back to sniffing the grass, and the BBB came back! It swooped down and hollered at her, then just as she tried to jump up and get it, it would fly away. They kept on and on, and she barked louder and louder, but the bird would not go away. I was getting very tired of this game, so I ran toward the bird and barked my fiercest wirey bark! It flew away and did not come back. I saved Teka from the BBB! So, at least to Teka, I am a hero.

Saturday I go to see the vet very early to get my toes checked. I hope they are all still there! Muzzer has e'splained that I will get another bandage just like this one only cleaner. Makes me long for the days of the pink bandage, this is getting boring.

Oh well. Muzzer asked tonight if I want to spend the day at work with her! Do I! You bet. Let Teka try to scare away the bbb on her own. I get lots of treats when I help at work! The ladies even let me come into the dressing rooms! Yahshur! You betcha!

more (with pictures) later this week

Your pal


fee said...

halo gus!

yes, i think your pink bandage is absolutely cool! but what happened to your toes? do they itch? any oral medicine? are they yummy flavoured?


Wired for Mackie said...

Hey Gus! I hope that paw is feeling better. Good job protecting your sister from that crazy bird. How brave. They can be annoying sometimes, can't they?
Anyway, buddy, have fun at work with your mom. I wish I could go to work with my mom too!
Your friend, Mackie and Mom Melissa

Gus said...

fee: My toes were itchy, so I chewed on them and made them very sore. Thank you for asking. I liked the pink color, but thought it was a bit girly for such a tough wirey fellow!

Mackie: I hope you can go to work with your mom sometime soon. I like the people there, but mostly I just like to have some one-on-one time with my muzzar.

Butchy and Snickers: You guys have the bird thing down to a science, and I think you must be a great help to your mom. Next to you, I am a mere beginner! Bet you guys have squirrels in your neighborhood too. I miss the ones we left behind in Virginia!

your pal

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

WOW Gus, you are my hero as well ! Charlie scared away a bbb for me when I was really little - and I have always been greatful to him for it - I think Teka should buy you some treats to show appropriate appreciation :-)


Mango and Party said...

Good luck with the toes Gus!

Wiry regards,
Mango and Party

Gus said...

Opy: I'd be satisfied if she would just not chew on my ear when I am trying to take a nap!

Life with Ozzy said...

Oh Gus man you are too cool for words you are a hero in my book and yep I agree with Opy Teka should buy you some kind of treat for saving her life. I hope your feet are doing better. Take care!
Wirey hugs,