04 August 2006

I'm still smiling!

Muzzer and I have been reading on all my Wirey Pal's blogs how hot it is in the rest of the country! Must say that it has been pretty warm here in Phoenix, too. In fact, I have been soooo hot that it has been difficult for me pull my terrier body off the cool tile floor to blog! So, apologies to my fan club, and here I am again with the latest update.

We finally got the last suitcase unpacked and put away, and we don't have any "real" trips planned until October, when muzzer turns 60! Note to Dad: This had better be a good one, I'm thinking she wants to go to that hotel on Coronado where you and I can take lessons in surfing! What do you think?

However, I am going to meet my new Vet next week, (this will be my third dog license in less than a year!) and muzzer and I also start our new work schedule at her store. I will be "in the building" on Monday and Wednesday. Teka will be "in the crate" at the house, and poor Dad will be back at ASU "in the classroom" Can fall weather be far behind?

And, I need a haircut and shampoo, but we are still looking for someone in our area who will at least partly hand strip. Any suggestions would be appreciated, according to muzzer. I am not so sure about that, so please use code. My experiences with hand stripping have not all been golden! I agree with my pal Axel who said it was kind of like plucking a chicken before you kill it! And I'm pretty handsome anyway, right?

Getting used to life with Teka has been a bit easier this time, but I still have to hide in muzzer's bedroom to get any rest! That pup doesn't know the meaning of the word REST! We are training her to spend time in a crate, because she is not very reliable in her toilet habits, and she also tears things up pretty badly! But she is much better about using her crate than I am, so that is going pretty well. She still has no manners on our walks, and she is a very jealous dog! Some days, I would sell her pretty cheap, but she sure is cute! Oops, gotta go now, she made a mess in the living room again.


fee said...

dear gus,

i agree with you about stripping being akin to plucking out chicken feathers... i have been plucked to death! ever since my first hair cut (where stripping was first introduced), mom has been obsessed with 'plucking' me! i get it almost every weekend; here a little, there a little. the only good thing that comes off it is the dollop of yummy nutripet paste she feeds me with after every ordeal, to compensate for my pain and suffering. you must set your ground rules with your parents/groomer and ensure they get into a routine with it – NO TREATS, NO STRIPS!

ps: i've added a link to your blog from mine:)

Gus said...

I am not so sure that they could come up with a treat that would make up for the pain and indignity of stripping! Except maybe some of that Yummy steak thing that Paula cooked in Albuquerque!

Anyway, since I am so NOT a show dog, I don't think we really NEED to strip me! Muzzer and I are negotiating, I will remember what you said and let them read your comments. My Airedale friends in Virginia get plucked almost every day! But they have more Aire-a to pluck, huh? hehehe

What are you doing up reading blogs at this time! You are just a baby, right? Get your sleep so you can grow up strong like your mom and dad and all your wirey pals.

who will post your blog address when he can get help from one of his sisssters.

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hey Gus - my Mommy thinks you are the cutest thing since Lucky! That is a super compliment. Tell your parents to watch out cause she has been looking for another wire to come live with us!

She wants me to ask if you have a sister.

Bussie Kissies

Gus said...

I have two sisters. One is named E.Rabbit and she is working on her Ph.d. at the University of MD and living in the DC area (near Louis the Pug.) The other one is named E.Beth and she is the one who brought Teka home. That makes Teka my niece, right? My muzzer thinks all us wireys are super cute, but she says Teka looks more like a rodent than she is comfortable with! That is OK with me, cause if I ever get another sister, I want it to be another wirey terrierist! Does your mother know about Fox Terrier Rescue? That is where my muzzer got me, and she is pretty satisfied!

your pal

Daniella said...

I"m confused...who is Teka? is he/she a wiry sibling or another dog/animal? Please fill me in, I can't recall your every discussing Teka before...


PS I actually like being stripped, it's like a massage - and I look so handsome after and it preserves my gorg tri-colors...

Gus said...

Teka is a Jack Russell terrier puppy who belongs to my human sister E.beth. They are living with us this summer, but will be leaving when school starts in a couple of weeks. E.beth goes to ASU and this will be her last year of classes. At least, that is what muzzer and Dad are hoping. hehe. Maybe this is like obedience school and you have to go until you get it right? Anyway, there are pictures of me and Teka in the June postings, and I am trying to post some more, but blogger and I have some differences of opinion about this.


Mango and Party said...

Cheer up Gus,

A strip lasts for months and when you go out for walks, it is harder for people to mistake you as a schnanuzer or schnauzer-crossed dogs - this happens alot to us cos there are just too few wires around over here!

Wiry cheers,
Mango & Party