20 August 2006

Look! Nekkid Toes!

Hey guys and gals, look! These toes belong to me, Gussie. For the first time in wahoo ages they are nekkid! Now, I will admit that I need a pedicure badly, but I can hardly stop staring at this amazing appendage, without bandage!

Muzzer keeps hollering at me to stop licking them, but I have to ask: "If these were your toes, and you had not seen them for more than two weeks, wouldn't you want to check them out completely and make sure they were still the right ones?" I mean, maybe someone snuck in another set while I wasn't looking! And truly, they smelled very strange when the bandage came off. Whoo-eee sister! So I started examining them closely, and very efficiently have been cleaning them at the same time. Don't you think that deserves some praise? Not: "stop that licking Gussie!" Not: "If you can't leave your toes alone, I'm putting a sock on you!" Muzzers! You just can't seem to please them 100%.

Anyway, that has been the highlight of my weekend. I am pretty sure that I am not getting off this lightly, there will almost certainly be another visit to that lady vet so she can "check it out." But for right now, I am barefoot again and it is wonderful!

I hope my sister E.Rabbit is doing as well as I am. I will have to e-mail her for an update, maybe we can do another side by side comparison piece tomorrow.

In closing, here is another shot of me watching my toes to make sure they aren't going into hiding again. Take care of your toes my loyal readers, and they will take care of you!


E. Rabbit said...

Congratulations, Gus! Maybe I can make you some socks to match your Xmas sweater.

I still have tape on my toes, but not as much. It's more for stability than anything else--the toe is pretty much healed but there was apparently some bruising to the surrounding bones and tendons, so things are still a bit tender.

Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Keep a close eye on those toes Gussy - you know what Doodles and Sadie Mae say about toes - they can be stolen at any moment, so be sure and look after them - BUT no licking, okay ?


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Wow! Can't even tell they've been under wraps! Here's toe you Gus Guy!

Bussie Kissies

Daniella said...

Your toes look fabulous my friend!! But try not to lick them or that evil bandage will come back and it will be goodbye Tootsies!!


Life with Ozzy said...

Congrats Gus!
I'm glad to see no one came in and mysteriously changed your feet with someone elses. Now go easy on the licking you don't want them covered up again do you?

Wirey hugs,

Gus said...

Wow! So many responses to my toes! They are tingling because they feel the love out there.

E.Rabbit: I would love socks, can you make them with non-slip bottoms.

Opy and wirey friends: Thank you for the helpful tips. Sometimes I think they still smell funny, and I can't help licking them. Muzzer says I will like them better after I am groomed. I don't think so, Muzzer!

Ivy said...

hey hey gussie! i am so glad that your toes are back to being nekked the way that toeses shud be!

dont worry if your muzzer puts a sock on them becuz you can take it off and tear it up wen she izznt looking! socks are so great for that.

Gus said...

Ivy: Teka and I have a division of labor. I take the sock off and she chews it up! She would chew it up on my foot if I would let her. She is a Jack Russll you know. There isn't much hope for them, I think!

Muzzer is OK with this because it means she is getting new socks! hehehe