20 October 2006

Gotta be quick!

Go Cardinals!

I bet you wonder what these funny looking guys are doing on my blog!

This is my dad and his buddies from college, taken in St. Louis this summer.

They graduated University in 1968, and the St. Louis Cardinals won the National League Pennant that year too! Right now they are all headed for the nearest church to pray for a different outcome this year!

I am happy and excited. This means more dinners in the family room in front of the TV with Dad! And he is so cute when he gets happy!

On a different note entirely: Thanks to Miss Fee who explained about girl dogs and heat in her blog. That meant that I could explain to Travis and Teka what was happening to her. Muzzer says that we need to protect Teka from other male dogs who are not "fixed." I'm leaving that up to Travis, since he is so much bigger than I am. I guess this means I have to let her have my treats for a while! Oh well, that's no big difference from usual.

Your pal, Gussie


e said...

Hi Gus
We are in the DWB Xmas Card Swap too and wanted to say HELLO!

I like your Cardinals Scarf. I laughed when I read about how your dad doesn't think dogs should be anthropormorphised by blogs or wear "clothing". Caz (my 'dad') thinks the same too but when Eve (my 'mum') bought a socceroo jersey to commemorate Australia's entry into the World Cup, he was well stoked.

Fei & E

Anonymous said...

Hey Gus,

Congrats to your Cardinals! I told you that my mom, Joanne, was also rooting for them. I hope they win the World Series (whatever that is) 'cause then maybe Joanne will give me extra special treats to celebrate!

Go Cardinals!,
Your pal Smitty