17 October 2006

Hop, Hop, Hop on Pop

This morning we discovered a new game that all three of us can play together.
Dad was tired because Teka was up early early this morning. So while muzzer was getting ready to go to work, he tried to sneak back into bed without telling us.

Well, you can fool some of the canines all of the time, and all of the canines some of the time, but you can't fool all the canines all of the time! Particularly not the wirey ones!

So, here we are very early in the game, while we were just working out the rules. At this point, Teka seems a little confused. She thinks the game should be hump on Travis. (well, maybe she is more than a little confused.) But I am on the sidelines, acting as her coach and mentor. See how I have an encouraging facial expression and positive body language?

Once I had explained it to her, I could then also join in the fun. Muzzer was quite busy taking pictures, so she was not going to be the one to make us stop. Dad was playing possum, and you know how terriers love to run possum to ground, right?

Anyway, here we are at the end of round 3. You can see how quickly Teka learned the rules, obviously a result of my fine coaching skills. Dad is more fun to hop on and romp with than muzzer. She is OK for one on one romping with me, but Travis probably outweighs her, and when he gets involved, she puts a quick end to the game. Muzzer is better at some games, but not this one. Anyway, we had a fine time for quite a little while. Dad grumbles and rumbles, and Teka runs backward and barks. Sometimes she forgets where the edge of the bed is, and falls off the side. That is pretty funny, but tt is a good thing it is such a Big Bed, so that doesn't happen very often. Travis has a well defined role in this. He is big enough that he can keep just about anyone from rolling over and covering up with a pillow. Even Dad has a hard time pushing him away enough to make good an escape. Sometimes though, I have to correct Travis and remind him of his role, because he wants to be the one doing the hopping, and that is a better job for smaller dogs. People last longer that way. Here I am helping him remember his true calling.

There comes a time when every really great coach knows that it is time to call his players off the field and get on with the really important things in life. That is a role I excell at also, I happen to have a very big voice for such a medium sized dog, and here is a photo of me demonstrating my excellent vocal range.

After a bit of player jubilation, we decided that we would all join Dad for a short nap. Do you know what he did then? He got up and said he might as well take a shower! Just when we were getting to the most important part...the post game roundup and nap. Next time I will have to coach him a bit before the game, and if he is not receptive, I will let muzzer post her more recognizable pictures.

G'nite from here.
Gotta rest up for our game tomorrow

smelly kisses


fee said...

o happy birthday miss muzzer!

question: why does gus get a pressie instead?

o, nevermind, many happy returns of the day!


Gus said...

Miss Fee:
muzzer says thank you for the birthday wishes.

Gussie gets presents from e.rabbit all the time! She is enamored of him. Plus, he is a very good wire, you know.


Daniella said...

Happy belated bday Muzzer!! And boy this bed romping looked like fun, I wish I could have been there too!


Gus said...

Yup, there is probably room for at least on or two more wires on pop. And when Travis leaves, we could get 5 or 6 more wires in his place!

Anonymous said...

A regular hip hop artist!

Bussie Kissies

Gus said...

Nope Bussie, Inspired by Dr. Seuss. Get your mom to read you some of his stories. I get a story every night, and he is one of my favorites.