09 December 2006

Terrier Rock

Terrier, Terrier, Terrier Rock
Terriers Sing and Terriers Swing
Leaping and Barking and sniffing the air
Getting into muzzer's hair

Terrier, Terrier, Terrier Rock
Terriers Blog and Terriers Talk
We'll take our chances with squirrels and mice
'Cause us terriers are so nice

Terrier, Terrier, Terrier Rock
Terriers Snore and chew on your sock
More than one terrier makes more than one fun
And our partnership's just begun

Terrier, Terrier, Terrier Rock
Rambling down the street
Growling and Prowling and having a fight
Terriers surely sleep all night

Terrier, Terrier, Terrier Rock
Up at the break of dawn
Going for walkies without any sun
And our terrier day's begun

Terrier, Terrier, Terrier Rock
Gussie and Bussie and Teka Toy too
Spend the day at the Phoenix Zoo
Then write their stories for all in blogland
Give the guys a hand!


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

I love your songs Gussie - maybe you need to put them out on CD - I am sure they would be a best seller :-)


Joe Stains said...

you went to the ZOO!? I live right by the zoo but mom never took me there :(

Gus said...

Poetic license Joe, needed the rhyme. Zoos don't usually let dogs in, cause we bark and scare their aminals.


Anonymous said...

The terriers rocking part wasn't poetic license, was it? Pappy gets so little breed-specific love, being a mutt and all. He needs to rock.

Gus said...

Dear Pappy's Fella:
You tell Pappy that he REALLY rocks! We can tell just from his picture and video. Anyway...muzzer says I am the only one in this house with any kind of pedigree, since the rest of them are "mutts"