17 January 2007

A day at the store.

Well, I promised I would take the camera along today and get muzzer to take some pictures of my store. (hey, whose store is this?) So, this is the view out of my window as we drive up in the morning. OUR store is the one partially hidden by the tree. We got there early this morning, so I had plenty of time to get my photo shoot started.

Anyway, this next picture shows my quiet corner behind the counter. Here I have access to the computer and printer, can help people with items from the jewelry case, and keep an eye on the cash register when muzzer gets distracted. Shown here, I am enjoying my in store rawhide chew, which lasts longer than the ones at home, since I have more things to keep me busy.

The next picture shows what I do in my "off" time at the store. I figure that on a good day, I can nap for about 3 hours, in short snatches. This is the ideal job for a wire who enjoys keeping busy, but knows how important it is to conserve energy.

These are my two very favorite bushes, one in front, and one behind the store. Walkies are pretty limited, but the basic employee rights and comforts are taken care of. I even scared up a cat one day under the bush pictured below. Ever since then, it has been the first place I check for adventure when I arrive at work.

Ah yes, speaking of adventure. The little black and white oreo of a dog in this portrait is Jewel. She works next door at Berning's Fine Jewelry, along with her pal Bernie a super tiny Yorkie, who was AWOL today for the picture taking session.

Now, I know that some of you out there are thinking "Gus, what a cute little number this Jewel is. Do you guys get together for drinks after work, meet up on the weekend at the dog park?" My friends, let me tell you, my life at the store would be much simpler if Jewel did not come in every day. She thinks she OWNS the whole complex. She barks at me, she tries to bite me, when we meet up by accident, she snarls and lunges. She has no desire to be friends, she wants to rip my heart out.
Don'tbe fooled by her innocent expression and demeanor. She even visits my store when I am not there, and holds my muzzer up for protection treats. And on days when I am in the store, my muzzer or her friend Barb have to deliver treats for Jewel at least three times a day, or Jewel has threatened to come in and rough me up. So, my job protecting muzzer and the store is a difficult and complex one. That is why I am wrapping up this blog entry and crawling into the big bed with Dad. We are going to watch a movie on TCM.
Night all


fee said...

what a terror, the little jewel!

i love your office; i wouldn't mind going to work in something like that some day when i grow up!


Gus said...

Pretty Little Fee: You can come work for my store any time!

Wired for Mackie said...


Girls can be like that! (Besides, she looks like a mini Ollie and we all know we can't trust Olie or anything that looks like him!)
Pretty funy though, she looks like Ollie and you and I look alike! heheheh!
You are so lucky my man to get to go to work with your mommy!

Your pal, Mackie

(Wonder if our folks would notice if we switched places for a week? hehehhehe!)

Gus said...

Hmmm...muzzer thinks you probably smell better. She might catch on fast!

Deanna said...

She looks so innocent. You have to watch out for those cute little dogs. Scary!

Ivy said...

gee whiz! it sounds like you need to teach jewel a lesson in wirey manners.

Joe Stains said...

woah, sounds like you might need some boston terrorist back up, mom can bring us over right away... just let us know!