16 January 2007

Not much, you?

This is the tagline from muzzer's very least favorite NPR show. But it pretty much sums up what has been going on around here. I liked it better when we were itinerant gypsies, wandering the US and staying at all those great hotels. The Crowne Plaza in DC was my most favoritist. But I liked the Doubletrees pretty good too. Especially the one in Charlottesville where I found out about room service! Heaven!

Muzzer says maybe we will go on a trip this summer. That is not soon enough. I am campaigning for a trip to Flagstaff or Prescott, where I understand they have some snow. All my blogging pals from Iowa east have snow. Why can't I have snow? Azrizona is unfair to Wires!

Me and Teka are still on strike, so we haven't gotten any cute poses recently, but I am going to let muzzer take pictures at the store tomorrow so you can see my corner nap spot and the little dog next door who barks at me a lot. She is jealous! She likes my store best because muzzer keeps good treats, but she can't come in when I am there 'cause she attacked me! Serves her right. Otherwise, we could be good buds and play a lot.

More apologies are in order to Butchy and Miss Snickers, who dropped off my link list and into cyber space sometime between blogger 1 and Beta-the monster blogger. We are fixing it tonight! Sorry a thousand times, cause their blog is one of my favorites, because it has pictures of Miss Snickers in her workout clothes. Also, Butchy pictures, which are not bad.


More tomorrow

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Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

My Mom and Dad are talking Costa Rica again. If they do that, I can't go. I wanna go to the cabin in NC again. Such a nice smell in the mountains!

Bussie Kissies