15 January 2007

Just catching up!

I went to work today, so I am pretty tired. Greeting people can be a big job, you know. And I get to sniff all sorts of other dogs on the people who come to the store. I'm pretty important, I have my own corner behind the counter where I can take a few breaks during the quiet time. I have a furry bed and some toys and a couple of chew bones. I have dog dishes and food, treats in the back room, and some great bushes outside. But it still is not HOME. And there is NO couch! I have put that in the suggestion box every day that I have worked, and muzzer still does not do anything about it. She and I must have a serious meeting about this. I am a valued employee and I know what the store needs to be successful.

Enough of my soap box stuff. I have prevailed on muzzer to add Pappy's blog address to our link list, and do a couple of other "clean up" things. Pappy and his Fella have our apologies for being so remiss.

We finally took the dogs with blogs cards down at the store today and brought them home. We are keeping them in the drawer with my puppy papers and my old leash that I brought with me when I came to live with this family. That's a safe place, plus it is the bottom drawer and I can get them out and look at them when I want to.

My blogging buddy Joe Stains has been complaining about the weather here in Tempe. He only lives a few miles from me, so it can't be much colder at his house than it is here at ours. I think he and Tanner must have less fur than I do. It is not as cold now as it got last year in Virginia, even though muzzer does insist on gloves when we go walkies. It is just sort of brisk and cheery out in the mornings. I am wearing my sweaters when we go out, but that is just because I get lots of compliments. I'm not really cold. Nope, not me.

I am turning in early tonight. This working for a living does make a guy tired. Keep warm, keep dry, and don't take any wooden dog bones!

Hugs are good in cold weather, and kisses too



Bruce the Bird Dog said...

You're pretty cute yourself! You go to work with your people too! I am a trained veterinarian distracter, my Claire's boss thinks I'm the cutest ever. Thanks for checkin' out my blog, hope to hear from you again soon!

Joe Stains said...

I am just not used to this cold stuff! Thank goodness we have a space heater!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

My cards are still up. I think they are on permanent display.

Bussie Kissies

Wired for Mackie said...

Stay warm brother Gus! We have been having California weather here in Maryland, but it to all end tomorrow! Eeek!
What a deal that you get to go with your mom to work everyday. I guess my mom must need a new job! heheheh!

Your pal, Mackie