24 January 2007

Muzzer said a dirty word!

I heard muzzer on the phone today. She was talking to the groomer!! She said I was looking like a little lost lamb, and I gotta get groomed. I hate being groomed.

Do you remember that time she took me to a "new" groomer because she bid on a package at some kind of charity affair???

Well, I looked way worse than my pal Bussie, and he has taken to hiding behind doors

Here is the picture of me NEKKID! If you look really close, you can see my pink puppy skin through my few remaining furs! Now, I kinda think my friend Joe Stains has been zaggerating about the weather here, but I ask you..."If you were my best friend in the world, would you shave me nekkid during the coldest time of the year?"

NO. So, Please vote in the comment section that Gussie should not have to see the groomer until spring has come.

TEKA should see the groomer. She needs a manicure! She needs a full body massage with bubbles! She needs a foo-foo bow on her neck.


Plus, she deducts this groomer thing from my wages at the store, and I already ordered a tie for my Dad on my store charge. Oh. Woe is me! I will be an indentured servant for MONTHS.


Joe Stains said...

OH NO!! Your mom is terribly cruel, but you really do not look bad at all! I promise! I wish you could send me all your shaved furs so I can make a coat, brrrr.

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Hmmmmm, it is much way way too soon for a Gussie cut! She needs to be more like my rents and let it grow long for 6 months. They always say its like having 2 dogs.

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